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Ep. 52 - Anime Expo: Notice me Senpai!

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Ep. 51 - Salt Lake Gaming Con Shenanigans!

David and Vfire take to the floor at Gaming Con and check out the video games, cosplays, and more!!

Check out the amazing photos from the event:

This amazing Teba cosplayer was out first to be interviewed.

Next up is the adorable family with the Spider!

And as promised Pigtails and Powertools Cosplay with her mask magic!

The cosplayers at this event were all amazing!

Massive thanks to everyone who was willing to be interviewed. Y'all look amazing and it was so much fun to need out and talk video games!

We also took a minute to take some silly photos of Bentley in his Space Engineer cosplay at the Clark Planetarium.

He better run fast!!

Again. Thanks to all our listeners. You guys make this podcast amazing and we thank you for your support.

The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 50 - 50 Questions with the Hosts!

This long episode we go into some fun details about our hosts and their pasts. Want to know who our first anime/cartoon crushes were? How about our happiest moments in cosplay. Thank you to those who sent in questions and to those who listen and support the podcast!

VFire made this awesome set of podcast mascots! Keep an eye out for the Jackalope of Trades coming soon!!! Watch below for the 50 questions and feel free to answer any on the blog, facebook group, or send us an email ;)

Here is Dkauffman's amazing Sailor Voltron cosplay pics! This is so fun! Major shout-out to Dkauffman and Jordan B. for sending in your Horror Stories.

Here's the questions from the episode:

1.What kind of cosplayer do you consider yourself?
2.Is Cosplay a hobby you see yourself still doing in ten years?
3.Thoughts on Crossplay?
4.What is your cosplay pet peeve?
5.What is your most expensive project?
6.Lest expensive project?
7.What is your favorite prop and why?
8.How do you save money for cosplay…

Ep. 49 - Couples Cosplay with Crepuscular

Meet Jazzy and Dustin of Crepuscular cosplay! These two are as adorable as they are talented! Pannon and David ask them many questions about their cosplans and relationship. Once these two realized they both loved this hobby after keeping it secret from each other, they jumped into pair competitions and group cosplays. This unbreakable duo motivates each other by trying to impress the other, emphasize strengths, and compliment one another's weaknesses and making them into better skill sets.

Don't forget you can listen to the podcast here on the website, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and more! Huge shout out to our listeners for being the amazing group that they are. The Facebook group is growing and we LOVE how much the positive vibes just flow there.
Thank you for listening, The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 48 - Utah Pride Parade!

Pannon and VFire walk the Pride Parade in Utah! Happy Pride Month!! We celebrate by interviewing other cosplayers at the event and talking about how the hobby has helped others find their identities.

The parade was really fantastic! To see so many people being supportive to everyone was beautiful.

I've never seen a parade where everyone cheers the entire time so enthusiastically!! Enjoy the photos ;)

As always, thank you for listening, -the Stitch and Seam team

Ep 47 - Relationships and Cosplay

VFire and David talk relationships and cosplay. From dating to maintaining a relationship, here is our loveable and awkward advice. Thank you David for being an amazing guest and co-host while Pannon was travelling!

Happy Month of Pride!!

Here are the images from our Featred Horror Story this episode!
Emily's Fiona cosplay is fantastic. She also captured a pic of the tear in her dress. We are so happy she escaped the escalator safely!

As always, thanks for listening! -the Stitch and Seam team 

Ep. 46 - Running cosplay Contests Pt. 2: Judges

This week we talk about choosing  judges for cosplay contests as well as how to be a good judge. This can be very tricky and a difficult task, but with the right mindset and enough research you can find the right fit for your contest.

Don't forget the 50th episode is coming up fast! Send your questions and we will answer them all. Pannon might drink a little bit. VFire will be less shy. Email us at CosplayStitchAndSeam [at] or fill out the form on this website. We will answer all the questions!!!

Thanks for listening,
- The Stitch and Seam Team