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Ep. 65 - 2020 New Year, New Resolve

This year, let's resolve the be the changes we want to be in our community. Be the positive influence! Be the best example of a cosplayer! Be the best you that you can be! .... Also less con crunch >.>

We also had our livestream of us making nerdy gingerbread houses. Check it out in the video!

As always, we love our listeners! Looking forward to another year with you!
 - The Stitch and Seam Team

Anime Banzai Episodes 61 - 64 and 66 - 67!!

Anime Banzai was full of shenanigans and so many great cosplays. Each of us on the team were able to interview and talk with many different cosplayers. Here are the episodes form that most epic of weekends at our near and dear anime convention.

Pannon Talks with her fellow judges from the Cosplay Contest and discusses their points of view from behind the judging table!

Our live show was a big hit, with audience members participating and all of our nerdy joy comes out as we discuss Anime!

Pannon and David play Dread with a group of friends! Their shrieks of terror and the tumbling of jenga blocks are music to ones ears yes? May Chad live long! This episode is quite long but it is quite a laugh.

VFire moderates her "Create the Impossible" Panel with guests. How will you achieve your impossible dreams?

David takes to the green room to see how contestants are feeling and what their thoughts on the contest are.

Episode 59 - Cosplay tips for Halloween

"I have nothing to wear?"
"Is this too much for Halloween?" If these quotes sound like you, then this episode has some advice to help you answer these questions. Happy Halloween! How do you make Halloween work for your cosplays? Here are some helpful tips to have a fun filled Halloween and how not to get caught up in quality of cosplays on this most epic of nights.

You can also check out spooky live stream "Screamsgiving" in the videos here. (Language Warning!)
Part 1
Part 2 Part 3

Thanks for listening,

- The Stitch and Seam Team

NDK 2019 Episodes 57,58, and 60

Hello Stitchers, Seamers, and all the in-betweeners!

Here is the blog post for the rest of the NDK episodes.

First up we have the body positivity panel. The theme of this one is to spread positivity to everyone around you! The stories shared in this panel are some that should be taken to heart.

This episode is best watched alongside this YouTube video of the cosplay contest. Special thanks to Anime Root for shooting this great video of the event!

And finally! Our cosplayer interviews!

Ep. 56 - NDK LIVE: Cosplay Glow Ups!

Hey Stitchers, Seamers, and all the In-Betweeners! Pannon, VFire, and David take the stage at Nan Desu Kan and share Cosplay Glow Up stories! The audience had some of the best stories to share. How do you get from point A to point B when it comes to cosplay crafting? The path is unique to each person and more meandering than one would think.

Share your cosplay glow ups with us here on the blog or on our facebook group!

As always, thanks for listening,
- The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 53 - Your Personal Cosplay Maker Space

Hey Stitchers, Seamers, and all the In-Betweeners! Meet Krystal, aka Sumikins Cosplay, as she gives some great advice on how to make your crafting space the best it can be! Sumikins is currently renovating her home and reorganizing her crafting space. Her eye for easy access to the tools she needs is astounding and great advice to follow.

Follow her on Instagram to see how her craft space has turned out and to see her amazing cosplays!
Fun Tips for Organizing Your Craft Space! From VFire's own craft room, here is some of the advice she took from Sumikins to make her space the best it can be!

What neat trick do you have for keeping you craft room in order? Thanks for listening you amazing followers.


The Stitch and Seam Team