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Ep. 81 - Recycle Cosplay

What do you do with old cosplays? Have you tried using recycled materials in your costumes before? Do you know where to recycle your scraps? This episode talks all about some fun ways to reuse old costumes and keep our planet clean and healthy! Recycling Information Utah Recycling Info Earth 911 and Clothing Recycle Recycling Plastics, foam, and more info! Thanks for listening and choosing to be green! - the Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 80 - Gijinka and Mash Up Cosplays

This week amazing crafter, designer, and listener, XAngel Cosplay, joins us to talk about creating your very own designs!  Cosplay is more than just recreating your favorite character. It can be about creating your own designs, tributes, and even mashing together two favorite fandoms! You can be creative and try to make designs that appeal to you! XAngel's designs are her own and are a way for her to express her creativity as well as love for various characters and fandoms. You can find XAngel Designs at the following links: Facebook Instagram    As always, thanks for listening! - the Stitch and Seam Team

Cosplay Chronicles - Catch up for today's stream!

Today at noon MST our daring adventurers will be putting their latest plan into action! The masterful Dungeon Master, David, has some tricks up his sleeve and plots of his own. What will happen next?! As a patreon supporter, you can even influence our adventure with prompts from David! Catch up on previous episodes before joining us on Patreon to see the live stream! Episode 6 is today. For those not on Patreon, have no fear, the audio only episode will air live next month!