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Episodes 73 - 76!! Catch up blog post!! Part 1!

 Time to get these posts caught up to the podcast! - cracks knuckles - here goes something! this first grouping covers a lot waxing strong about conventions and good memories!!

Episode 73 - Cosplayers in the Time of Corona

This episode aired back when quarantine was in full swing here in the states and we really had no idea what the rest of this year had in store. I feel the overall message is still the same: "It is okay to feel the way you feel. Take your time; you are not obligated to be creating during this time."

Episode 74 - Making Friends at Conventions

As we wax fondly over conventions, we had a listener question come in about how to make friends at these big events. What are your thoughts on this?

Episode 75 - Convention Traditions

We miss conventions a lot! We share listener and personal traditions that have become near and dear to us over the years. What are your favorite convention traditions?

Episode 76 - How to Play the Ribbon Game

Rennagade Cosplay joins us to talk about the much requested "Ribbon Game" tradition. She shares how it works, ribbon etiquette and more!


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