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Ep 72 - 2020 Autorama: Our Passions

This episode VFire joins her father at the 2020 Autorama. Despite having very different hobbies, VFire and her dad share the same amount of passion for their work. If you cannot tell, her dad really loves cars (I mean, she is named Mercedes XD)

Glenn and his Street Freak!

Every car enthusiast puts a lot of heart, time, and even money into their car. There is a an artist touch to each one. A personal touch that is something that helps the owner express themselves and what they love in life.

Glenn's artwork of his car, hand drawn, and the
magazine the original Street Freak was featured on.

The car world also has charity groups! One of them is Cars4kids! They do events such as Limitless and raise money for groups like Make a Wish.

Kenner and his incredibly unique Thunderbird that he takes great care of! And its a bit of a celebrity!

Salty Motor Works is a wrap company that does a variety of cosmetic stuff for cars and make them look sexy!

Beautiful vynl wrapped cars!

Mark Pitman and his Richard Petty Hellcat that he has put so much love and devotion into to. Mark is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his work and the Petty Legacy.

Mark and his green beauty!
Glenn's artwork of Mark's car.
One of the amazing special guests, Steve Darnel, was willing to take some time and talk with VFire at the event. He does Vegas Rat Rods and Welder Up on TV. The metalwork and welding put into these cars is simply crazy and has such a cool and unique style.

"Find your purpose to build it, and then live it!" - Steve Darnell
Look him up on!!

The man is an artist! The Joker
was by far my favorite of his work here.

Cheyenne demonstrates her amazing eye for detail and her personal story with Autism Acceptance.

Her message is clear and her complex work on this car and its design, adding her personality to it, is really beautiful. Her creativity is strong!

"Follow your Dreams!" - Cheyenne

I spy another car art done by Glenn!

VFire also found Spider-man and his friend Doc, who helps run Autorama and manage the events nationwide!

Check out these fun celebrities at the Autorama as well. Oscar winning Ford VS. Ferrari!!!!

Glenn is not the only car artist at this event. Shannon Watts has a wide array of cars he has drawn.
Miguel, with Lux Auto Spa, has such a passion for the cars that come through the shop. He knows about all the amazing details put into a car, including this rare, museum worthy car, that has signatures like Mario Andretti on it and has traveled far. Lux Auto Spa gets to see many unique and rare vehicles that Miguel gets to work on and make even better.

This was a ton of fun and VFire really enjoyed being able to share in her father's passion for cars and looks forward to possibly doing Cars 4 Kids events in cosplay next her dad's Street Freak. 

Huge shout out to everyone who was willing to interview and share their amazing stories.

Thank for listening,
- The Stitch and Seam Team

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