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Ep 72 - 2020 Autorama: Our Passions

This episode VFire joins her father at the 2020 Autorama. Despite having very different hobbies, VFire and her dad share the same amount of passion for their work. If you cannot tell, her dad really loves cars (I mean, she is named Mercedes XD) Glenn and his Street Freak! Every car enthusiast puts a lot of heart, time, and even money into their car. There is a an artist touch to each one. A personal touch that is something that helps the owner express themselves and what they love in life. Glenn's artwork of his car, hand drawn, and the magazine the original Street Freak was featured on. The car world also has charity groups! One of them is Cars4kids! They do events such as Limitless and raise money for groups like Make a Wish. Kenner and his incredibly unique Thunderbird that he takes great care of! And its a bit of a celebrity! Salty Motor Works is a wrap company that does a variety of cosmetic stuff for cars and make them look sexy!

Ep. 71 - Celebrating Cosplayers of Color

Prince Camui (left) and Black Betty Cosplay (right) Betty's photo by Grace S. This week's guests talk about the importance of representation and being the best we all can be!  Here are some links so you can follow these two cosplayers if you want to see more awesome projects by them! Prince Camui Twitter Facebook Instagram Black Betty Twitter Facebook Instagram Share with us your favorite cosplayers of color in the Facebook Group!  - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 70 - Embroidery Techniques: Blog Part 1 - Basic Tools

Finally, the visuals to accompany this episode on embroidery terms and techniques! This episode covers some general terms that can get you started on embroidery. The blog posts for this episode will have more than part. This is Part One: Basic Tools. VFire as Link Photo by Jeremy Hall This method of adding details to your costume can be very time consuming, but therapeutic at the same time. During this time of social distancing and many hours spent at home... maybe this is the time to try something new and dig into the world of embroidery! Basic Tools Here are some basic tools to start with. Part Two of the blog posts will cover some of the basic stitches later this week. Embroidery Needles : These come in all shapes and sizes. Ask your local craft store for which ones work best. I use sharp needles for thick fabric and dull needles for fabric that has decent texture/holes already in the weave. You can also buy a kit with a variety you can experiment with. Floss: