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Ep. 56 - NDK LIVE: Cosplay Glow Ups!

Hey Stitchers, Seamers, and all the In-Betweeners! Pannon, VFire, and David take the stage at Nan Desu Kan and share Cosplay Glow Up stories! The audience had some of the best stories to share. How do you get from point A to point B when it comes to cosplay crafting? The path is unique to each person and more meandering than one would think. David's own cosplay glow up! Share your cosplay glow ups with us here on the blog or on our facebook group ! As always, thanks for listening, - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 53 - Your Personal Cosplay Maker Space

Hey Stitchers, Seamers, and all the In-Betweeners! Meet Krystal, aka Sumikins Cosplay, as she gives some great advice on how to make your crafting space the best it can be! Sumikins is currently renovating her home and reorganizing her crafting space. Her eye for easy access to the tools she needs is astounding and great advice to follow. Follow her on  Instagram  to see how her craft space has turned out and to see her amazing cosplays! Fun Tips for Organizing Your Craft Space! From VFire's own craft room, here is some of the advice she took from Sumikins to make her space the best it can be! This cabinet has shelves in its doors, which makes great space for thread and paint! Sadee did an amazing job helping to organize it! VFire is still working on this area but she has one drawer (light blue) for her current project to sit in while the other shelves have figures for decoration and tools she regularly uses. Everything is easy to pick up and go. This is the &

Ep. 55 - Tosho Con: Youth Cosplay Scene

Stitchers, Seamers, and all the In-Betweeners, Tosho Con is a small convention for teens hosted by the Salt Lake County Library group. It is a safe place for teens to celebrate all things anime and cosplay. There are teen run artist booths to Anime Music Videos and so much more. The freedom these teens have to express themselves and the space for them to foster their creativity is amazing. Teens dressed as characters from the popular anime "The Promised Neverland" This unique event has been running for over 8 years in Utah. It draws in hundreds of teens every year. Mysti Nin, Icy Inferno Cosplay, and VFire were the judges for the contest. The judges group was so much fun to hang out with. VFire enjoyed being able to work with such talented people. VFire's judge's choice was a young woman wearing her favorite character, General Amaya, from "Dragon Prince," create by @Cosplaying_another_fandom. She was inspired by this deaf general and related

Ep. 54 - Tools of the Trade

Stitchers, Seamers, and all the In-Betweeners, What tools do you like using when working on cosplays? We discuss our favs and which ones work best with various materials and methods. These are not required tools for cosplaying but tools that can make your crafting job easier. Some of these tools are cheap and easy to implement while others are a bit pricier. Enjoy the bonus content! Favorite Tools: Foam Clays Sculpting Tools (dental tools) Fabric Scissors Beading Needles the Right Glue Research what kind of glue you need to do the job. there are so many to choose from but the right glue will do the job best! Barge Contact Cement is great for open foam cell materials as well as leather! Rapid Fuse is an amazing super glue Belt Sander Grommet/Eyelet Setters Router Dremel (or Rotary Tool) And just about any attachment you can add to it Math Basic math is so important! Scaling, sizing, etc. It is really important! Art programs These are g