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Ep. 50 - 50 Questions with the Hosts!

This long episode we go into some fun details about our hosts and their pasts. Want to know who our first anime/cartoon crushes were? How about our happiest moments in cosplay. Thank you to those who sent in questions and to those who listen and support the podcast!

VFire made this awesome set of podcast mascots! Keep an eye out for the Jackalope of Trades coming soon!!! Watch below for the 50 questions and feel free to answer any on the blog, facebook group, or send us an email ;)

Here is Dkauffman's amazing Sailor Voltron cosplay pics! This is so fun! Major shout-out to Dkauffman and Jordan B. for sending in your Horror Stories.

Here's the questions from the episode:

1. What kind of cosplayer do you consider yourself?
2. Is Cosplay a hobby you see yourself still doing in ten years?
3. Thoughts on Crossplay?
4. What is your cosplay pet peeve?
5. What is your most expensive project?
6. Lest expensive project?
7. What is your favorite prop and why?
8. How do you save money for cosplay?
9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would your dream photoshoot be and in what character?
10. Where is your favorite photoshoot location that you have done in person?
11. If you were to simplify the creation process to a few steps, what would they be?
12. Do you feel like you must hide the fact that you are a cosplayer from people who aren’t active in the community?
13. Who do you most admire in the cosplay community?
14. What is your most comfortable cosplay?
15. Least comfortable cosplay?
16. Which cosplay do you think you’ve worn the most?
17. Do you prefer making cosplays with friends or solo?
18. What are your next cosplay plans?
19. What is the most detailed project you have ever made?
20. What is your favorite video game?
21. What characters have you been mistaken for?
22. What has been your favorite panel to host/guest for?
23. What is the best in-character interaction you have ever had?
24. Have you ever cosplayed with a family member?
25. Do you prefer to cosplay characters with or without props?
26. If you could instantly improve a single skill, what would it be?
27. Happiest cosplay moment?
28. What do you think others would say your greatest strength is?
29. If you could have anyone as a guest on the show, who would it be?
30. What do you hope to be "known" for as a cosplayer? (can be a specific costume, an achievement, or excelling in a certain craft, etc)
31. What new tool are you dying to own?
32. Furthest you've ever traveled for cosplay? (can be conventions)
33. Favorite cosplay contest to enter?
34. Favorite cosplay contest to watch?
35. What's the hardest thing for you about cosplay? (financial, level of difficulty, drama, etc)
36. What cosplay do you have the greatest emotional attachment to and why?
37. What failure have you learned the most from?
38. If you could better one thing in the cosplay community, what would it be?
39. Who was your first fictional-character crush?
40. What's a anime/game/movie that you just could NOT get into?
41. What's your favorite podcast? (or list a few)
42. If you could eat only one thing for a month, what would it be?
43. What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
44. Most embarrassing thing you've had to buy for cosplay?
45. Favorite thing to watch when working on cosplay?
46. If you could visit the fictional world of anyone you've cosplayed, which would it be?
47. What competition would you most like to try entering?
48. How do you get around cosplay roadblocks(what do you do when you get stuck on something?)
49. Biggest mistake you tried to hide on a costume in judging?
50. Best compliment you've ever gotten on a cosplay?

Thanks for listening,

The Stitch and Seam Team


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As always, thanks for listening,
- The Stitch and Seam Team

Sound editing by David Jeffress

Music this episode: "Burnt Spirit" Kevin MacLeod (
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