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Ep. 48 - Utah Pride Parade!

Pannon and VFire walk the Pride Parade in Utah! Happy Pride Month!! We celebrate by interviewing other cosplayers at the event and talking about how the hobby has helped others find their identities. The parade was really fantastic! To see so many people being supportive to everyone was beautiful. I've never seen a parade where everyone cheers the entire time so enthusiastically!! Enjoy the photos ;) As always, thank you for listening, -the Stitch and Seam team

Ep 47 - Relationships and Cosplay

VFire and David talk relationships and cosplay. From dating to maintaining a relationship, here is our loveable and awkward advice. Thank you David for being an amazing guest and co-host while Pannon was travelling! Happy Month of Pride!! Here are the images from our Featred Horror Story this episode! Emily as Fiona! Emily's Fiona cosplay is fantastic. She also captured a pic of the tear in her dress. We are so happy she escaped the escalator safely! Nom, nom from the escalator! As always, thanks for listening! -the Stitch and Seam team