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Ep. 42 - Planning Cosplay Dreams

An episode in which Pannon and VFire talk about their cosplay dreams and how they are planning for them. Also some bloopers at the end as we struggle with internet connections and recording with family at home. PS: Snails ARE cute and Pannon has a beautiful singing voice. Sketch by VFire for RENNAgade Cosplay Example of sketching out plans before building. Share your stories with us and on the podcast at Thanks for listening! - The Stitch and Seam Team

No Episode This Week

There will be no episode this week but they will return next Friday! In the meantime you can help make our next episode extra amazing! We have the following topics coming up and want to know your input and questions. Join the Facebook Group or respond here on the blog by Monday, April 22 at 6:00 PM MST to have your question or comment be part of the next episode(s). Contribute to These Topics/Episodes On-Site Photo Shoots - What are your questions or bits of advice for doing on-site shoot in cosplay, whether that site be a studio, park, or other fun places! Ask the Hosts! Q&A for Episode 50!  - Send us your questions and we will answer them for our 50th episode! We can't believe it so close!! (This one does not have the Monday deadline as Episode 50 is still a ways off.) Watch for more topic Question and Comment requests soon! Send your questions or comments to CosplayStitchAndSeam [at] or comment below. We will also have posts in the Facebook Group that yo

Ep. 41 - Cosplay and Makeup!

Pannon and VFire talk about makeup and cosplay applications for it. These tips and tricks are all about what each makeup thing in a kit can be used for. A tutorial without visuals is kind of fun! Makeup examples by Pannon! Stay tuned for a possible very bad makeup tutorial by VFire! She is figuring out how to record while doing makeup ;) Big thank you to everyone who has sent in stories and topic suggestions!! Thanks for listening! -the Stitch and Seam team

Ep. 40 - ECCC Live with Pannon!

Emerald City Comic Con was an amazing look at the cosplay community in the Pacific Northwest. We saw cosplays from fandoms of all types and just as much variety in the people who cosplayed them. I interviewed the Cosplay Repair Station to find out more about how they help cosplayers and prevent thousands of horror stories each year! Make sure to thank a cosplay repair person next con! You can find out more about their organization on the Facebook group, "Cosplay Repair Station," on Twitter, @CosplayRepair, or on Instagram, @CosplayRepairStation. I could say more, but I'd rather let the episode and the pnw cosplay community speak for itself! Thanks for listening, - Pannon!

Ep. 39 - Social Media, Online, and More with Sloth Goth Cosplay

Sloth Goth Cosplay talks about social media and the internet along with fun ways to get yourself out there to network and make new friends! Feeling shy? She has some great advice! Sloth Goth Cosplay as Bulma Bunny Sloth Goth as Black Canary Both photos taken by Sloth Goth. You can find her at these links: Facebook  Instagram YouTube Email your stories, topic requests, and more to VFire and Pannon at CosplayStitchAndSeam [at] We have enjoyed the influx of stories and topic requests! Keep them coming! Tune in next Friday for fun times with Pannon at Emerald City Comic Con! As always, thanks for listening. Y'all rock and we love ya ;) - The Stitch and Seam Team