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Ep. 38 - Hotels and Roommates

What are some of the basic rules/etiquette for hotels? Join VFire, TurtleBunnies , Unroyalty , and Garnet Runestar as they all giggle and discuss not murdering roommates and silly hotel situations! Roommmates can make or break a convention! Group Selfie by Kimi Special thanks to Chubby Bunny Cosplay for suggestiong this week's topic!! Thanks for listening, the Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 37 - Photography Part 2 Plus Photo Examples!

Here is a gallery of the photo examples mentioned in the podcast episodes. See below for links to each photographer and their social media. Listen to part 1 here. Pretty Prism Photography Ardentabsol by Pretty Prism Photography  You can find Pretty Prism Photography at: Facebook Instagram Golden Cat Cosplay By Pretty Prism Photography Inoli Images Bad Emu Cosplay by Inoli Images You can find Inoli Images at: Facebook Instagram Crepuscular Cosplay by Inoli Images Pastel Colored Cosplay by Inoli Images Silver Fyre Studio Calamity Cthulu Creations by Silver Fyre Studio You can find Silver Fyre Studio at: Facebook Instagram  Feisty cosplay and Oddity Cosplay by silver Fyre Studio Rennagade Cosplay by Silver Fyre Studio As always, thanks for listening, The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 36 - Cosplay Photography Part 1

There's more to photography than point and click! This episode features three experienced cosplay photographers who also enjoy cosplay in their spare time. Pretty Prism Photography (Miss Amanda Stars), Inoli Images (Inoli Shiba of Red Something Project), and Silver Fyre Studio  (Silver Fyre Cosplay) share their knowledge on how to get the most out of your next photo shoot! Listen to part 2 here. Pretty Prism Photography Miss Amanda Stars Tune in next week to see some photo examples on the blog from these amazing photographers! This triple guest episode was so epic we needed two parts! Inoli Images Inoli Shiba of Red Something Project Email us your stories or content requests at CosplayStitchandSeam [at] . We always love hearing your stories and sharing them withe each new episode! Silver Fyre Studios Silver Fyre Cosplay As always, Thanks for listening/reading! - the Stitch and Seam Team

News Update!

We apologize for the delay in last weekend's episode. It will go up this Friday. Our awesome editor needed a little bit more time. We promise it will be an amazing episode! Watch for it on Friday and keep those awesome Cosplay Horror Stories coming! Episodes will resume with a normal release every Friday. Thanks for understanding our crazy schedule in the meantime. In other news, the form on the website is down but we plan on having it back up soon! Hopefully with a more reliable form type.  Thanks for listening! - The Stitch and Seam Team