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Looking Forward to the New Year!

Hey there Stitchers and Seamers! The New Year is around the corner and boy did it sneak up on me this year. What are your Cosplay Resolutions for the new year? New projects? New skills sets? Just want to get that craft room in order? We would love to hear what your resolutions are. Blank Resolution slate below if you want to fill one out and share it. Turn them in by January 3rd to be featured on the first episode of the new year! You can also email us at CosplayStitchAndSeam [at] gmail [dot] com or fill out the form on our contact page . Thanks for reading and for sharing! - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 29 - Holiday Ideas for Cosplayers!

What gift should you get your cosplay buddy? What are activities you can do to hang out? Happy Holidays from the Stitch and Seam Team! Holiday Matsuri 2018 Fate Gathering Photo by Chris Allen We will be on a short hiatus for the Holidays but will be returning January 11th with more fun content! check out the news below for fun news and activities!! What are your Cosplay 2019 Goals? Bring on the new year!! Send us your Cosplay Resolutions and Goals! Submit them by January 3rd and we will air them on the first episode of 2019 on January 11th. Submit by using the form on this website or emailing us at CosplayStitchandSeam @ Thank you! New Kofi Goal!! Hit $150 in donations and we will have a full episode of VFire and Pannon talking about stupid stuff we have done in cosplay. Donations go towards supporting our website and podcast hosting. We avoid ads so you sharing our podcast or donating a coffee can be a great way to support the podcast. Solstice Trivia!

Ep. 28 - Anti Bullying and Cosplay

Let's take a moment and talk serious biz with bullying in the cosplay community. Our community should be a place of acceptance and understanding. Let's make it the best it can be! Garnet Runestar, Katie, Unroyalty Cosplay, VFire, and Pannon Photo by Jeremy Hall Cosplay is about having a safe place to be a nerd. Be kind to your fellow nerds and help others in need. We are here to have fun, and that should always be our number one goal. Don't forget, the podcast will be on short hiatus. One more episode will air on Friday the 21st of December. We will return with more cosplay shenanigans on January 11th! Thanks for listening. We love all of you, - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 27 - Keep it Soft, Keep it Safe!

Where do you keep your cosplays when not wearing them at conventions? How do you decide when to retire them? Shout out to Darren for the topic request and to the Facebook group for adding their input! An example of a nicely organized craft space from Pannon. How do you store your cosplays? Share on the Facebook Group and maybe you will give someone a good idea for their own space! Keeping your cosplays safe and neat! (Pannon's space) We have a Ko-fi page ! And there's a special goal on it for funny silly times on the podcast. All proceeds go to supporting the blogsite and podcast. Say hello at and share some cosplay horror stories, yo!