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Ep. 26 - Armor vs. Fabric!

This week's episode is all about how amazing Fabric.. no Armor... no Fabric!! Wait? which is better? Are armor cosplays superior to fabric based ones? Or is it the other way around? The answer is in the episode. If you have ever found your self wondering this or even thinking that your cosplay method is the best, you might want to have a listen. It may surprise you to see how much work goes into each method and skill for these types of cosplays. Vermilion Fire vs. The Pannonator! Photos by Kioku Photography and NiviPix Make sure to stay tuned this week as VFire has some fun diagrams to share that help show how much armor and fabric type cosplay skills overlap. We hope you enjoy the episode and the fun things coming ahead . As requested, we have a Ko-fi Page now! If you like this episode or others, let us know in the comments, share an episode with a friend, or donate on ko-fi. We love all our listeners and appreciate the love and support we have received so far. Watch f

Ep 25 - Anime Banzai: In the Green Room

What is the Green Room? This is where cosplay contestants hang out before going on stage and performing! This fun episode goes behind the scenes and interviews cosplayers both before and after they go on stage. This is the last of our Anime Banzai episodes but most certainly one of our favorites. SummonerDoormat in her elegant Deku Princess cosplay. Photo courtesy of Anime Banzai Going on stage can give someone butterflies and be incredibly scary. The Green Room is a great place to be among others as nervous as you are. The camaraderie at Anime Banzai is very strong and everyone was so supportive of each other. Many competitors make news friends on the green room as well as see old faces they may only see at conventions. The creativity of the people who compete in these contests is admirable. Enjoy the rest of the pictures from the contest below. SummonerDoormat on stage and owning it! Photo by Midnight Pursona X Angel Design and Cosplay in her street fighter co

Ep. 24 - Live at Anime Banzai!

Anime Banzai is the biggest Anime Convention in Utah and one of the longest running conventions in the state. The Stitch and Seam team was ready for it and celebrating Halloween in our own special way. Check out the LIVE episode from the event as we talk about our experiences, both past and present, at Anime Banzai! VFire and Pannon at Anime Banzai 2018! Overall the convention was fantastic and so much fun. We always enjoy coming to this convention and it seriously has some of the best attendees out there. As always, thanks for listening! - The Stitch and Seam Team