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Ep. 23 - Halloween Special: Cosplay Horror Stories!!

Prepare yourself! Hide your props! Keep your sewing kit close, for today is Halloween and we have a bunch of Cosplay Horror Stories to share!! Beware!! Big thanks to everyone who shared their stories at Anime Banzai 2018! We look forward to more stories as the podcast grows. For those who do not know, we share your stories at the end of each episode and give a shoutout to the cosplayer. If you send pics, we make a post on the blog and include them. These stories are by far my favorite thing ever!! And then she sat down... only to find she had broken her sword in half!! Share your story with us at or join us at the website As always, thanks for listening, - The Stitch and Seam Team Sound editing by David Jeffress Music this episode: "Burnt Spirit" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Ep. 22 - Pamper Day!

Sometimes the best way to prep for a convention is to have a self-care day! Take a moment to relax and enjoy the pr-con pamper with Pannon as she relaxes with other cosplayers before Anime Banzai 2018. From manicures to pedicures, it is nice to sit back and take a break since conventions can be stressful to prep for. Special thanks to Le Nails at South Town Mall for hosting all these amazing cosplayers. Nothing like a good pamper day with friends! Pannon's beautiful nails The event was hosted by Pannon and pics were shared on our cosplay group on Facebook . Come join in the fun! Share your cosplay pamper days with us! Pre-Con Pampers for the win! Even David joined in for some goldy toesies! Thanks for listening and for everyone who able to make the event! - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 21 - Cosplay in a Hurry!

Anime Banzai was last weekend and it was a blast! this episode has been up since Friday, now the accompanying blog-post can join in! I hope those who attended Anime Banzai had tons of fun. The Stitch and Seam Team had a lot of fun collecting Horror Stories for the Halloween Episode coming up. Although we advise avoiding making cosplays in a time crunch here is an episode with advice on how handle a fast paced, deadline demanding, cosplay speed build. Sometimes it is unavoidable so here is how to speed build with keeping your health, and hopefully mind, sane. VFire on a shopping spree. What cosplays have you made on short notice? Share them here or in the Facebook Group!  VFire has her weekend build of Pandora Hearts, Xerxes Break, in his Pandora Organization uniform below. It was fun build and she was surprised at how much she learned about jacket making. Next time she will do better and not have such short sleeves ;) Megan as Xerxes Break and VFire as Pandora Uniform Xe

Ep. 020 - Cosplay Contests: Audio and Sound Editing

Audio can be very tricky. How do I stop the echoing sound? What kind of hardware do I need? What about software? This week's guest is none other than our very own sound editor, David Jeffress! Audio Episode!!! Go! David guides us in sound editing and answering your questions about audio for cosplay contests. Thank you David for doing this amazing episode! David, VFire, and Pannon chatting about audio editing secrets! The most basic things you need for sound editing are a microphone and an editor. Your phone, lapel mic, nicer microphones, etc. Surprisingly your cell phone has a decent mic for recording! There are editing apps on your phone as well but we suggest Audacity as a nice free program for beginners. You can download audacity here if you want to give it a swing. Also a big thank you to our group on the book of faces. The questions in this episode were provided by members from the Facebook group, which anyone can join here: The Cosplay Stitch and Seam

Ep. 019 - Cosplay BBQ's

Cosplay Barbecues and Picnics are a rare and fun treat for the summer. Listen to this fun group of cosplayers who love the sun and having parties at the park. There is also bonus charity work! That moment right before VFire got attacked by WASPS! Ronan of Robinson Creations, Crowfeather Cosplay, Rennagade Cosplay. Cosplay barbecues or picnics are great to find and make new friends in your area. It is out of the convention scene and gives more time for people to relax and talk. Chloekidd as Peach and Holly Ann as Rocket. Music provided by epic Rocket and tiny dancing Groot. It's also nice to meet up with friends you already have and catch up. Solo Shadows as Kirisama, Amanda Panda cosplay as Yoosung, Kiwi Shampoo as Riko, and Lima Bean Bro as Mari You don;t have to be in cosplay wither. You can just meet with like minded nerds and maybe play a card game or two. Cosplayers playing card games ;) This was a ton of fun and a big thanks to Rennagade Cosplay for