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Ep. 18 Body Positivity and You

Today's guests talk about loving your body with body positivity. Meet Turtlebunnies Cosplay and Unroyalty Cosplay (@un_royalty on instagram) as they talk about road blocks they have run into and how they are overcoming them. Turtlebunnies and Unroyalty cosplaying from Tsubasa. Photo by Inoli     Everyone should love their body, no matter what type of body you have. It can be difficult with society saying that beauty is one thing or another, but listen to these two cosplayers and what they have to say. Their advice and stories are inspiring! Turtlebunnies and Unroyalty in Persona cosplays. Photo by Candace Tarkesian. As always, thanks for being here listerners! - the Stitch and Seam Team Unroyalty, VFire, and Turtlebunnies being nerds together ;)

Ep. 017 - Secrets of Cosplay Docs for Contests!

This week Pannon and VFire talk about documentation for Cosplay Contests. This can be a document that help make or break a good presentation of your work to craftsmanship judges. Check out these  Documentation examples here free to check out from le Googles. Contests may have different requirements so make sure to check what the judges are looking for. Here are 5 thing to remember when making your documentation. VFire working on her Lyre for Sheik. Safety first, she wearing a mask! 1. Reference pictures.If you have one thing have this in your docs. Bring a reference of the character. Front, back, and side views are always a nice bonus! Sometimes it is nice to put a reference right next to something in progress. For example VFire used the above images to show how she worked on Sheik's braid and aimed to replicate the weird criss cross at the top. 2. Progress picture. Show your process. Did something not work out? Show that and why you chose another path.

Ep. 016 Friends and Cosplay

New Guest Episode! This week we talk about balancing life with your cosplay and non-cosplay friends. Guests this week are SummonerDoormat and Ame Drop Creations. Ame Drop as Roxas and SummonerDoormat as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. A cosplay buddy is tons of fun! Meet SummonerDoormat and Ame Drop Creations as they talk about how they help each other finish their cosplay projects. We also talk about those non-cosplay friends and how one can balance their interests with yours. Friendship is crafting this week! It is also magical. Friends make cosplay more fun! As always, we love you listener and thank you for reading! - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 015 - Self Care in the Crafting World!

We take a break from cosplay contest advice to talk about another important thing: Self-Care. We have advice from you the listeners about how to keep chill and relaxed under con crunch! Even Magical Girls need a break. Pannon as Sailor Moon, Photo by Pastel Colored Cosplay. Send Horror Stories, Cosplayer Features, or Topic Requests to Join the Facebook Group and add to the discussion! Take time to have some fun! Thanks for listening and welcome to all the new listeners. We love you, - The Stitch and Seam Team

Cosplay Contests - Stage References

Planning out your stage performance can be problematic if you have no idea what to do. Here are some tips and visuals from our episode on how to tackle your performance! The advice on the podcast and here on this blog are for your reference. These are not the rule, but guidelines to help beginners and masters alike help come up with ideas and plans for one's stage performance. Feel free to adapt and make your stage performance all your own! We love seeing how much everyone can improve on each other's ideas. MommaSammu as Mipha, VFire as Link, Pannon as Prince Sidon, and Sadee puppeteering Baby Sidon. Photo courtesy of Anime Los Angeles. Tip #1: Make sure you know how much time you have on stage and if needed, ask how big the stage will be. This is important to help you practice and know just how much room and time you need to tell your story. Tip #2: Whether it is a walk on or a skit, try to tell a story and/or show off your cosplay. Make sure to cover the whole sta

Cosplay Horror Story - Dr. Scifi and K-2SO

Check out the pictures from Dr. Scifi's Cosplay Horror Story! You can listen to the episode with his horror story at the end here. Without further ado, here is the full story from our awesome listener! Last year at SDCC (San Diego Comicon 2017) I was attending with my large 7’ 2” K-2SO puppet from Star Wars: Rogue One. I had just arrived and gotten harnessed in and was on my way to the main doors when disaster struck. K2 is completely supported by a chest harness I wear and one of the two connection points failed at that moment. His body pivoted on the lower connection and he pitched forward towards the ground. ​Harness setup ​ K2 weighs 35 pounds but I was able to catch him and plop myself down on a street barricade. Funny enough this is when passerby con-goers want to take pictures of me as I’m frantically doing repairs. Here’s an image I found on Instagram the next day capturing this “fun” moment. Perhaps a future topic “when not to take a cosplayers photo” ​ I ha