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Ep. 012 - "Civil War" Best in Show DCC

Welcome back to another week of fun interviews! This week Vermilion Fire talks to the lovely ladies of TTEAtime Productions. They were Denver Comic Con's Best in Show winners this past year and they had quite the amazing cosplays for it. I won't spoil it too much but their cosplays are of historic levels.

From Left to right we have Vermilion Fire as the Wanderer from Shadow of the Colossus, Elise in her historic garb, Lauren #2 as Ghost Rider, and Lauren #1 as herself! The TTEAtime girls have such passion and dedication to their work. Absolutely loved them!

Lauren #2 as Iron Man (or Iron Woman ;) ), Lauren #1 as Captain America, and Elise as Bucky. VFire is also there as Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn, congratulating the winners. VFire was a guest judge for the contest and was just blown away by these cosplays. she just had to interview them!

What kind of fun mash ups or cross over cosplays have you seen? Share in the comments or on our Facebook group!

- the Stitch and Seam Team


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