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Ep. 014 - Cosplay Contests: The Stage!

Lights, sound, action! Welcome to the stage portion of cosplay contests. This week there are some visuals to go along with the podcast. They will be available to see on the blog Saturday Aug 25th. Stay tuned and be ready for some epic pics and fun advice on how to own it on stage! EDIT: Due to some personal things the episode blog with pics has been delayed. The Horror Story pics from this episode can be found here and the stage reference pics can be found here. Thank you! Practice your skit or Impa will be disapointed... JK, this was part of the skit. VFire as Link and Rennagade as Impa, photo by CGPhotog Thanks for listening! - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 013 - Cosplay Contests, the Basics

This week we continue our cosplay contest series. What are contests like? What kind of advice do we have for different skill levels? Pannon and VFire cover all these in this episode. There is a lot we cover and the list we had barely got a dent in it. So stay tuned for next week when we cover stage performances! Yay! Lexus as Princess Agitha and VFire as Sheik. What sweet sisters... Here are a few things from the episode for beginners: 1. Enter a contest to have fun! 2. Show the judges all the good things in your cosplay. You only have a limited time with them so show off your best! 3. Bring a reference picture. If you can only bring one picture, bring the reference image! The judges will love you for it. And don't forget: BE THE JACKALOPE! The jack of all trades. Strive to be the Jackalope. ;) A fun close up of some of the stitching on Agitha. There is always something new to learn. Also: Do the thing! Do the thing but bigger. "Be the Best You!" Y

Ep. 012 - "Civil War" Best in Show DCC

Welcome back to another week of fun interviews! This week Vermilion Fire talks to the lovely ladies of TTEAtime Productions . They were Denver Comic Con's Best in Show winners this past year and they had quite the amazing cosplays for it. I won't spoil it too much but their cosplays are of historic levels. From Left to right we have Vermilion Fire as the Wanderer from Shadow of the Colossus, Elise in her historic garb, Lauren #2 as Ghost Rider, and Lauren #1 as herself! The TTEAtime girls have such passion and dedication to their work. Absolutely loved them! Lauren #2 as Iron Man (or Iron Woman ;) ), Lauren #1 as Captain America, and Elise as Bucky. VFire is also there as Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn, congratulating the winners. VFire was a guest judge for the contest and was just blown away by these cosplays. she just had to interview them! What kind of fun mash ups or cross over cosplays have you seen? Share in the comments or on our Facebook group ! - the Stitch

Ep 011 - Minisode: Gaming Con

Welcome back as we have another minisode. This should be the last miniature episode for the time being. Cosplay Contest series will start in two weeks. For now enjoy this lovely interview with VFire, Sadee, and the lovely Silver Fyre Studio as we geek out about games! Shoutout to the amazing people at Utah Podcast Summit!! For those who have subscribed to our e-mail, make sure you go to the blog page itself to hear the podcast or see the proper link for it. I found out it does weird stuff in the e-mail version. Also, the contact form has been fixed! So send us some juicy Horror Stories ;) - the Stitch and Seam Team