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Ep. 010 - Cosplay Contests 101

This episode will be the first in a series. The series will start in a few weeks as we get through some old episodes, but we wanted to get some hype going and get questions brewing about cosplay contests. This first episode covers some basics and questions/answers from cosplayers in our community. Cosplay contests are the best with friends! Pannon as Prince Sidon, Momma Sammu as Mipha, VFire as Link, and le Sadee We hope this summary episode gives everyone a good idea of how to prep for a contest and what to expect if you have never heard of one before. Thank you for listening. We are loving the feedback and Horror Stories. You all rock! - The Stitch and Seam Team

Ep. 009 - The Cosplay Golden Rule

This week we go more in depth about cosplay, consent, and bullying in our community. Our community should be uplifting and encourage creativity and here is how to do it! If you are being bullied or just need a bit of sunshine in your life, message us at the cosplay stitch and seam and we will shower you in happy messages! Cosplay is about having fun! Pannon as Link and Inoli as Gannondorf Also, share your horror stories at CosplayStichAndSeam @ or send a request/question and you may hear it on the podcast. You might even inspire an entire episode. Stay tuned to the end to hear a question from Zerelixon in Norway on cosplay judging! Thank you Zerelixon for submitting such a good question!! Don't forget, we love our listeners!! Have fun and make our community the best it can be! Music by Maycey Roberts Sound Editing by David Jeffress

Ep 008 - Cosplay is not Consent Minisode

Join Pannon for another minisode and interview with Jessie Pridemore. They talk about how Cosplay is not Consent. It is important that you respect cosplayers at events. Be nice, ask before assuming and as always, get out there make cool stuff! Find Jessie on Facebook   Music by Maycey Roberts Edits by David Jeffress

Ep. 007 - A Brief History of Cosplay

Just how old is this hobby? Explore the roots of Cosplay with Pannon and VFire! Photos mentioned in the podcast are shown below. It really is inspiring! Forrest Ackerman and Myrtle Douglas. Photo by Ted Carnell First costume at a convention ever - "Futuristic Spaceman!"  Can't deny that creating original designs is not only a hard task, but an incredibly fun one too. I love Myrtle Douglas's creative spirit and design. Olge Ley and her daughter (1967 WorldCon) Considered one of the best crafters of her time. As always, thank you lovely listeners and readers. Keep creating the impossible! - The Stitch and Seam Team