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Sherry Bear Cosplay!

After a few months of running around crazy at my job I have finally sat down to write this feature. Sherry has been on my list for ages and I swear the universe just kept putting one thing or another in the way of me finishing this. Without further ado, meet Sherry. ;) Sherry Bear cosplay is always enthusiastic about her craft and is always ready to look amazing! She has worked with many cosplay charities over the years and has really made an impression on the cosplay community since starting in 2013. Her hard work and passion for making something new shows through on her work. Sherry as Wonder Woman, DC's New 52 Comics Photo by the JH Photography Links for Sherry Bear Cosplay Facebook Utah Geek Centerfold Feature with Sherry's Cosplay Tip Utah Geek Magazine Issue 12 Interview with Sherry Tell me about how you got into cosplay and why. I started in 2013 but wasn't finished with my first costume until 2014. I went to Salt Lake Comic con, my first conve