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Fabricated Geek - Live Action Role Play!

Summer is just around the corner and so is good weather and chances to go outside! If you enjoy hiking, being outdoors, and slaying all sorts of monsters, you should check out Live Action Role Play (LARP). It is akin to Dungeons and Dragons, but rather than rolling dice across the table, you are outside pitting your sword fighting skills against a friend or foe in actual armor. This month's cosplayer feature is none other than the legendary Fabricated Geek, aka Jez, who is a queen when it comes to LARP (or should I say "God" since she runs the plot for these games now...) Jez as Kaskara in her Duuntay'un armor from the world of Rexerit "The sword in her hand is her most valuable possession, but the story behind that could be a novel all on its own." - Fabricated Geek "The type of games I run and most often participate in are a blend of both live combat and role play. It's a type of interactive improvisational theater that ends up being c

New post soooon

Great news, I graduated from college!!! Guess what that means, I can start updating on a regular basis again. In fact, later tonight I will be posting this month's feature and Utah Geek Magazine centerfold. Stay tuned my dear readers. There are some epic plans in the mix coming your way. ;) Always, thanks for reading, VFire