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Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay - Achieve Your Dreams!

Every New Year we like to come up with resolutions and goals to get ourselves moving and try new things. Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay, also known as the lovely Ainsley, sets her new goals for the year by testing her skills. Every project she picks out has a new skill involved or helps her improve a current one. She is always looking to see how far she can push herself. You can see her top five materials to try in 2016 in the Utah Geek Magazine  centerfold. Pigtails and Power Tools Creations Samus Aran Varia Suit - Metroid Prime  Photo by Chiseled Light Photography Ainsley's Samus Aran Varia Suit cosplay was a dream cosplay of her's for a long time. It took her many years to complete but she finally did it! As far as big projects go, the Varia suit is definitely a big one to tackle, especially for someone who just started cosplaying in 2013! Other than the Varia Suit, Ainsley has made a number of beautiful creations from Princess Zelda to a Navi inspired costum