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Sherry Bear Cosplay!

After a few months of running around crazy at my job I have finally sat down to write this feature. Sherry has been on my list for ages and I swear the universe just kept putting one thing or another in the way of me finishing this. Without further ado, meet Sherry. ;)

Sherry Bear cosplay is always enthusiastic about her craft and is always ready to look amazing! She has worked with many cosplay charities over the years and has really made an impression on the cosplay community since starting in 2013. Her hard work and passion for making something new shows through on her work.

Links for Sherry Bear Cosplay

Utah Geek Centerfold Feature with Sherry's Cosplay Tip
Utah Geek Magazine Issue 12

Interview with Sherry
Tell me about how you got into cosplay and why.

I started in 2013 but wasn't finished with my first costume until 2014. I went to Salt Lake Comic con, my first convention and saw all the wonderful things people were able to build. After talking to some super friendly …

Late Feature is coming!

My latest feature is coming soon, stay tuned, standby, etc. I am doing my best to keep this blog up and running. Now that I am graduated from college I thought it would be easy to get a regular schedule up again, but my work has given me more hours and put me on a very big project. I thank everyone so much for your patience and I cannot wait to get the next feature going!! You will not be disappointed!!

As always, thank you for reading and being such creative people.

- VFire

Fabricated Geek - Live Action Role Play!

Summer is just around the corner and so is good weather and chances to go outside! If you enjoy hiking, being outdoors, and slaying all sorts of monsters, you should check out Live Action Role Play (LARP). It is akin to Dungeons and Dragons, but rather than rolling dice across the table, you are outside pitting your sword fighting skills against a friend or foe in actual armor. This month's cosplayer feature is none other than the legendary Fabricated Geek, aka Jez, who is a queen when it comes to LARP (or should I say "God" since she runs the plot for these games now...)

"The type of games I run and most often participate in are a blend of both live combat and role play. It's a type of interactive improvisational theater that ends up being community storytelling." - Fabricated Geek

Jez has been traversing the world of costuming for about 15 years now. She started Live Action Role Play in her first year of college and has been going ever since. In fact, she …

New post soooon

Great news, I graduated from college!!! Guess what that means, I can start updating on a regular basis again. In fact, later tonight I will be posting this month's feature and Utah Geek Magazine centerfold. Stay tuned my dear readers. There are some epic plans in the mix coming your way. ;)

Always, thanks for reading, VFire

Steve Strank - Hero and Protector in and out of Cosplay!

Cosplay is as much about dressing up as super heroes as it is about being a hero as well. There are many charity groups in Utah and the United States that dedicate their craft to making a child's day or helping a donation event. Steve Strank is both a hero in cosplay and out!

"I work in a Law Enforcement position and find that I have to be serious most of the time. Cosplaying is my time to be my real self and get weird!" - Steve

If you are ever in a bind, you can rely on any of the Umbrella Corporation members to help you out. They stand for fun, charity, and courtesy to everyone around them.

Where to find Steve and the Umbrella Corp. - Utah Hive
Facebook Page
Umbrella Corporation Website

Questions for Steve
How long have you been cosplaying and who/what got you into it?

I've been dressing up for about 8 years. it started out as being a zombie back when we were producing Strankenstein's Zombie Prom, then I started dressing as the Grinch doing charity stuff. the Zombie …

Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay - Achieve Your Dreams!

Every New Year we like to come up with resolutions and goals to get ourselves moving and try new things. Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay, also known as the lovely Ainsley, sets her new goals for the year by testing her skills. Every project she picks out has a new skill involved or helps her improve a current one. She is always looking to see how far she can push herself. You can see her top five materials to try in 2016 in the Utah Geek Magazine centerfold.

Ainsley's Samus Aran Varia Suit cosplay was a dream cosplay of her's for a long time. It took her many years to complete but she finally did it! As far as big projects go, the Varia suit is definitely a big one to tackle, especially for someone who just started cosplaying in 2013! Other than the Varia Suit, Ainsley has made a number of beautiful creations from Princess Zelda to a Navi inspired costume from the Legend of Zelda. She is currently working on a Queen Zelda from the game Hyrule Warriors and another Samus suit, …