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Ascension Props - Armor, Monsters and Giant Robots!

Meet Matthew of Ascension Props. This master of the EVA foam craft has been cosplaying for about five to seven years, claiming that the elaborate foam armor and similar work has just been int he past four years. EVA foam is a type of anti fatigue mat used in workshops. While it does very well in keeping your feet comfortable on a work-space floor, it also is a great material for making armor in cosplay. Matt in his Commander Shepherd, Terminus Armor: Mass Effect  Photo by the Duchess Nivi-Nichole  Matt's skills with EVA range from armor making, robots builds, and giant monsters. He makes sure to spend his time wisely on projects and works very hard to make sure everything works. His latest work, Threshy from Mass Effect, was actually a team build. Team collaborations can be tough to work with but with the right people, epic things happen. In the case of Matt and Threshy, lots of epic happened and they were able to display the great beast at Dragon Con 2015. Thresher from