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Ash Sweetring

September's Cosplayer Feature is here! Meet Ash Sweetring, a self-taught cosplayer that just started her craft in 2013. From sewing to armor making, this girl has mastered many crafting techniques in a short amount of time. Ash as Samus Aran from the Metroid  video games. Since joining the cosplay community Ash has met and made wonderful friends, but has also seen the darker side. Her body shape has led to a lot of criticism and troll comments. This is a sad side to the community and internet culture as well. Ash has a sweet personality and her cosplays show that she owns her self-image. She is beautiful and rocks her cosplays. If anything, the hurtful comments push her to be the best crafter ever. No can beat her gorgeous personality and the way she owns herself and the cosplays she creates. Ash as Lady Ganon from the Legend of Zelda  series Photo by Fantasy Con Ash is also in Utah Geek Magazine! She is the featured centerfold cosplayer for the Sept/October issue. Y