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Exciting things are on their way!

I'm cancelling the second feature for this month, but there is a good side to it! My second feature was a local cosplayer who is awesome and deserves some really great attention. In fact, I am bumping her to a new month so that she can be a part of something brand new. For those who do not know, I write for UGeek Magazine. It is a Utah magazine that is free and has all sorts of goodies in it. I write a cosplay Tip with the cosplayer centerfold. UGeek releases every other month so I am changing how I do features on the blog to include the UGeek article. In short, every other month (the odd months) will be featured in UGeek as well as here on the Stitch and Seam. These will be local Utah (and possibly other states too) cosplayers. The even months will branch out and I will feature people from all over the world. this may change up a bit in the future but for now I want to try out this new model of blogging. I am so excited!!! (I may or may not reorganize the blog again because of t

How to Make Auron's Blade - The Cosplay Armory

As promised, James of the Cosplay Armory shares his knowledge on how to make Auron's Katana from the game, Final Fantasy X.  I have been very excited for this as I followed his page as he worked on the blade. I hope you enjoy it! - VFire Auron's Katana Build by James A note before I start. I will be mentioning the use of several machines that I have the luxury of having in my shop that I am well aware not everyone has. This project is definitely easier with them than without but everything I describe can be done without them or with simpler tools. I will also include steps that I do that are not necessary in parenthesis() I was commissioned to build the Auron Katana by Lolita Zombie Cosplay and knew immediately that I wanted it to be light, yet durable. The first step to building any prop is figuring out what you’re going to make it out of. A lot of prop makers use light woods like poplar and MDF and while I have used some wood I decided it would be my first sword t

The Cosplay Armory - James

James of the Cosplay Armory makes props out of some really interesting materials. While I know many prop makers who use wood like MDF board or poplar, this guy uses plastics, foam, and other unique materials. James works with these materials because he started his prop making in a small apartment. As he learned new skills and branched out, he still loves using these lightweight materials to make really epic props. James as Genesis Rhapsodos: Final Fantasy VII Photo by The Enthusiasts James has since upgraded his workshop to a basement and has gained a lot more tools since his beginnings. He enjoys using EVA foam and surprising cosplayers with the cool tricks he can use for creating swords and other props. Where to find James - The Cosplay Armory Facebook DeviantArt Etsy Store Make sure to stay tuned next week!! James will be sharing how he made Auron's Katana! (Also, this is the last Summer double feature month. Features will resume to once a month in September.)