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I have a weak spot for cosplays that have elaborate detail and incredible dresses. While I have yet to try making anything like an elaborate dress, I admire the crafters who take on those challenges. I found Shushuwafflez, or Su, while doing research on a dress I want to make eventually. She nailed the design and it looks so fantastic (its Seth Nightroad from Trinity Blood if you want to know... someday I will make that dress!) Since then I have followed her pages on DeviantArt, Facebook, and other sources. One day it would be very cool to meet her in person! Canada is not too far away... This has been a dream interview for some time now and I am happy to present one of my personal idols to you readers!

No Flutter Sailor Saturn created by Shushuafflez
Photo by Lexa One Photography
Prop by Mao-Chan Cosplay

Su is really creative and enjoys the challenges cosplay can bring. She creates her own pattern designs and knows how to tackle complex creations. Plus, she is super nice!!

Where to find Shushuwafflez:
Website:  (Currently being reorganized but should be live soon with new stuff!)

Su as Bombshell Wonder Woman
Photo by HM Cosplay Photography

Interview with Shushuwafflez

What was your first convention and what did you cosplay at it?

My first convention was at Anime Evolution in Vancouver, BC. It was close to where I was living at the time and I went dressed as Hinamori from Bleach. Everything was bought, I made the hair bun, and I had no idea how to do make up so I didn’t wear any. I look back and wow, I have improved a lot over the years XD

When did you start making your own cosplays?

About a month after Anime Evolution, I started randomly gathering things with no plans at all. I got a bolt of purple fabric, white fabric, and my sister gave me a wig she had used for another cosplay she didn’t want. It resulted in me experimenting with making Tomoyo Hime from Tsubasa Chronicles.

Su as Esther Blanchett, Trinity Blood
Photo by Droo Photographer

How long does it take to work on one cosplay?

Time really is relative to the size and design of the costume. I can simply say that anything can take from a week to almost 4 months to finish. I find anything more than 4 months and I start burning out and I may set the costume aside possibly never working on it again. My answer there is a bit vague so I’ll give examples of how long something took for me to make. My NoFlutter Sailor Saturn costume took exactly 7 days to complete from drafting a pattern, sewing, accessorizing to styling the wig. Where as something bigger scale with more details such as Esther Blanchett took 3 months to get it to the point I have completed so far. I prefer working on something closer in scale to costumes like Seth Nightroad and Granado Espada costumes that took about 2 months to complete.

Su as Elementalist from Grenada Espada
Photo by Liquid-Cocaine Photography

How do you choose the characters you portray?

I generally like certain connection between me and the character I plan to portray. I generally like a character that may have gone through difficult times, but can still smile and crack a joke. I also like characters that love to smile cause I prefer smiling. Even then if a character design just doesn’t appeal to me, then that may turn me off from wanting to create the cosplay. I love being challenged and without that I just lose interest. Luckily, there are many wonderful writers and team of awesome designers who create such characters I want to recreate so I feel I can be a bit picky about my choices.

Su as Seth Nightroad, Trinity Blood
Photo by Liquide-Cocaine Photography

What has been your favorite character to recreate?

My favorite character to cosplay was Seth Nightroad from Trinity Blood. She’s an empress who hides her identity and doesn’t age very fast. She can be young, happy, enjoys life, while she is strong, mature and nurturing towards her subjects. It’s a character I respect in the series and had fun portraying. Also the artist Thores has always drawn amazing outfits for her. She is a combination of a character I admire and design I loved recreating.

What has been the most challenging part of cosplay?

The most challenging part of cosplay for me has been dealing with self doubt. I may not show it, I definitely don’t try to show it, but I suffer from anxiety and depression. It really is very hard on my self esteem and I constantly struggle with even grasping the courage to post my progress online. It’s something that can really eat away at a person. It’s a real struggle for me, but at the same time Cosplay has helped me learn to face my fears. I’ve grown a lot as a person through the encouragement of the wonderful people in the community, and well I’m still here. Still creating and taking on new projects.

Su as Chain from Aion Pure Lilies armor set
Photo by Elemental Photography

What was the most difficult costume you have ever created?

The most difficult costume for me was working on Esther Blanchett. I had setup the bar pretty high in how I wanted to create her gown. I wanted to create the textiles myself by embroidering all the designs and then beading all 15 yards of white fabric. On top of that I wanted to embroider and design a 10 feet long cape trimmed in fur and a wired ruff collar that I’ve never made in my life. It’s still no where I want it to be and I continue to work on small pieces here and there. I don’t even know if it will ever be completed the way I want it to be. For now, I’m setting it aside to switch up with other costumes.

What are you working on now and what challenges does it offer?

Right now I’m working on designing some nerdy fashion wear. I always wanted to try my hand on designing clothing and I can’t wait to debut the outfits soon. As for cosplay, my next costumes are genderbend Varric Thetras from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Snow white as designed by Hannah Alexander, and East Witch by Sakizou. Varric is going to be the most challenging. I will be doing some leather work,  armor and prop work which I don't normally do. I have a feeling it will be a big learning curve for me.

What advice would you give someone new to cosplay?

"Don’t be afraid to change and grow. Great things take time. Be forgiving and patient with yourself. Don’t give up when something becomes challenging. Without saying, always have fun cause it’s the best fuel to get you through the hardest times." - Shushuwafflez

Su as Belarus from Hetalia
Photo by Shushuwafflez

Thank you very much for your time Shushuwafflez!! I am so glad I finally plucked up the courage to speak with you. I love your work and I hope readers will enjoy it too! - VFire

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