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I have a weak spot for cosplays that have elaborate detail and incredible dresses. While I have yet to try making anything like an elaborate dress, I admire the crafters who take on those challenges. I found Shushuwafflez, or Su, while doing research on a dress I want to make eventually. She nailed the design and it looks so fantastic (its Seth Nightroad from Trinity Blood if you want to know... someday I will make that dress!) Since then I have followed her pages on DeviantArt, Facebook, and other sources. One day it would be very cool to meet her in person! Canada is not too far away... This has been a dream interview for some time now and I am happy to present one of my personal idols to you readers! No Flutter Sailor Saturn created by Shushuafflez Photo by Lexa One Photography Prop by Mao-Chan Cosplay Su is really creative and enjoys the challenges cosplay can bring. She creates her own pattern designs and knows how to tackle complex creations. Plus, she is super nice!!

Nivi - Steampunk Extraordinaire

You cross the threshold to a strange event and enter a whole new world. There are many attendees donning goggles, wearing geared mechanisms and all talking about adventures and steam power. You have entered into the Steampunk universe. A wayward looking fellow with a top hat and mechanical bird on his shoulder sidles up to you and holds up a wanted poster. "Have you seen this person?" he asks and you see a drawing of a beautiful young woman brandishing a gun. You shrug and say no, but smile as the man wanders off. Its all part of your character. Of course you know the woman. She is Nivi, the one who runs this event called Steamfest, and your character is on her side for the massive role play game. Steamfest is an event unlike any other in Utah and the woman running it is passionate about it. Nivi, the Steampunk Extraordinaire of the West. Photo by Parenthesis X Arc X Studio  Nivi started the Steamfest back in 2012, creating a Steampunk event for the lovers of steam po