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Aimee Wood Works - Pursuing Creative Dreams!!

Last year I went to NDK in Colorado for the first time, and it has been my favorite convention so far. It had everything: stellar artist alley, a well run and fun cosplay contest, cool panels, and spectacular cosplays all around. It was here that I met Aimee Wood of Aimee Wood Works on Etsy and Facebook. Aimee Wood as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII - 2 Photo by Dark Lit Stunning. That is Aimee in one word and there are many to describe her talent and skills with woodcraft, prop making, and cosplay. She is also very inspiring: Aimee started an Etsy shop for her woodcraft props and items. After one year of running it she was able to quit her other full time job and make the Etsy shop her full time job. Aimee loves seeing the prop work in her living room and enjoys her career as a prop maker and woodcrafter very much. She has worked hard over the years to achieve her dreams, leaving behind a very different college degree for what she loves most. Her success is purely in her l

Jazzy and Dustin - Crepuscular Cosplay

A few years back I was at Anime Banzai's Cosplay contest when these two came on stage. The duo of Crepuscular Cosplay had everything; fantastic wigs, killer props, intricate sewing and complex design work. Their cosplays are really amazing! It has taken me a few years, but I have finally plucked up the courage to ask them to be on the blog and share their talents!! Jazzy as Claves and Dustin as Jazz from Eternal Sonata Photo by Arda Wigs As a team, these two split their responsibilities well. Jazzy takes on the wigs and sewing work, while Dustin tackles weaponry and armor design. They both try to learn from each other to expand their individual skill sets as well. Jazzy is so good with wig work that she was a part of an Arda Wigs photo shoot!! Where to find Crepuscular Cosplay Facebook Page Dusting as Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening Photo by Jason Hermansen Interview with Crepuscular Cosplay Why the unique cosplay name? Jazzy:  Omg because I texted Dustin a