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Termina Cosplay - Design, Talent, Pokemon!

Termina Cosplay has always stood out to me because of her killer design skills and attention to detail. I first discovered her work through her Sheik Cosplay, which is fantastic by the way, but my favorite cosplays that she has made have been her Pokemon Gijinkas. Pokemon Gijinka means that you take a Pokemon and create a human version of them. There are many designs by artists all over the internet. Termina created her very own designs and applied them. The amount of creativity to take something that you love and make your own design is inspiring. She has so far made two Pokemon cosplays, Scyther and Gyarados.

Termina Cosplay as Scyther from Pokemon
Photo by Vordigan Photography

Places where you can find Termina Cosplay - Check out her pages to see an updated version of Scyther! It has a cool new foot design!!
Facebook Page

Termina as Gyarados, Pokemon
Photo by Vordigan Photography

Interview with Termina Cosplay

When did you start cosplaying and why? What is your cosplay introduction story?

I started cosplaying in the summer of 2013.  I had just made some new friends who were already attending conventions and cosplaying, so when they invited me to go with them to a convention, I was ecstatic about the opportunity to try it for the first time!  They were doing a Legend of Zelda group, so I joined in by making a Midna cosplay.  It was the most fun I had ever had, and it changed my life forever.

Termina as Sheik, The Legend of Zelda
Photo by the Portrait Dude - Cosplay Photography

How did the name "Termina" become your cosplay name?

Well, when I decided I wanted to go “public” (and by “public” I mean “to the internet” hue hue hue )  I wanted a name other than my real name to go by.  I really didn’t have any nicknames that I could use, so with the help of some friends I picked a name that referenced one of my favorite video games series of all time, The Legend Of Zelda.  My name simply references the Termina in Majoria’s Mask.  The N64 was the majority of my childhood, so it made sense to base my name off of something that helped define me as a person early on in my life.

I absolutely love your Pokemon Gijinka. How did you come up with their designs and why did you choose Scyther and Red Gyarados?

When I come up with my Pokemon designs, I think a lot about the Pokemon I’m dealing with and what kind of human/humanoid creature they might translate to. I will ask myself questions like “How can I use clothing or armor to replicate this Pokemon’s features?”  or “How can I make a humanoid version of this Pokemon, while still keeping it recognizable?”  Once I have a general idea of what direction I want to go in, I start drawing and I see what happens.

Termina as Red Gyarados, Pokemon
Photo by the Portrait Dude - Cosplay Photography

I chose Scyther because Scyther has always been one of my favorites since I started playing the games when Red/Blue came out.  I chose to do Red Gyarados because a friend of mine wanted a Pokemon cosplay to wear to a convention we would be attending together. I came up with some different designs for her to pick from, and she picked the Gyarados.  I thought it would be fun if we had matching costumes, so I decided to make the red one for myself while I made the regular blue one for her.

What has been the toughest cosplay you have made so far? How long did it take and what was the most difficult task in building it?

It seems like every time I tackle a big project, it becomes the new most difficult cosplay I’ve ever made, hehehe.  Scyther and Gyarados were both very difficult in different aspects.  Scyther was very hard to do because It was my first time working with Worbla ( I had only worked with Wonderflex previously) and making armor on that large of a scale.  There were many video tutorials watched during that build!  It took me a bit to get used to the material, and I ended up having to remake the first pieces I made.

With Gyarados, even though at that point I knew a lot more about making armor, I was still very new to sewing.  Making the tail was a nightmare.  Getting it to take the right shape took a few tries, and also a few trips for more fabric, haha.

Termina as Scyther, Pokemon
Photo by the Portrait Dude - Cosplay Photography

What is the easiest cosplay you have made?

Easiest so far has been my Julia from Cowboy Bebop.  All I had to make for it was a bodysuit and a weird over-the-pants thong/ belt combo!

How long does it normally take you to build a cosplay?

Oooo… I’m never very good at keeping track of my time, but I would guess that on average, I spend around 80-100 hours on a larger cosplay and on smaller cosplays I probably spend 40 or less. Its really hard to tell, but I think those are good estimates.  I know my Red Gyarados took me around 80 hours, and my Scyther took well over 100 (it was my first mostly armor build and those wings took a lot of time on their own).  I've never even tried keeping track of time on a smaller costume, so I really can’t say for sure on those.

Termina as Marceline, The Vampire Queen from Adventure Time
Photo by Vordigan Photography
What is your favorite part about cosplay?

There are many things that I love about cosplay, and its always so hard to pick just one thing to be my favorite.   I suppose though, that if I had to pick just one thing, I would pick the fact that I can be my unadulterated nerdy/geeky self and I am accepted for it.  Everyone I have met in the cosplay community has been nothing short of wonderful, and I am very happy to be able to even call some of them my friends. There is an overwhelming feeling of acceptance given by the cosplay community.

"We’re all just a bunch of goofballs who like to show our love for video games/comics/manga/anime/movies/books/etc by dressing up as our favorite characters and having fun." - Termina Cosplay

Thank you Termina for your time and for sharing your design tips and insight! You are awesome! Thanks for reading - VFire


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