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Building Scyther Wings - Termina Cosplay

Wonder how Termina  Cosplay made those spectacular Scyther Wings? After posting her interview last week, I had a few readers ask about them. Thank you for asking! I am very happy that Termina was willing to share her notes on the build. Her tutorial below is simple and effective. Enjoy! Termina Cosplay as Scyther, Pokemon Photo by The Portrait Dude - Cosplay Photography Building Scyther Wings - Termina Cosplay Materials: -wood (something lightweight is best) -wire  (It needs to be thick and bendable)  I honestly don’t remember exactly what kind I used, but I bought it at Ace Hardware -spray adhesive (make sure it  dries clear) -A stronger glue -hot glue  -bolts -washers -metal hooks -leather, belt buckles, etc. -drill -soldering iron -solder -flux -staple gun -cellophane -heat gun or hair dryer -EVA foam Instructions Pattern Draw out your wing pattern to full size. Wing Frame Cut your wing frame out of wood, sand an

Termina Cosplay - Design, Talent, Pokemon!

Termina Cosplay has always stood out to me because of her killer design skills and attention to detail. I first discovered her work through her Sheik Cosplay, which is fantastic by the way, but my favorite cosplays that she has made have been her Pokemon Gijinkas. Pokemon Gijinka means that you take a Pokemon and create a human version of them. There are many designs by artists all over the internet. Termina created her very own designs and applied them. The amount of creativity to take something that you love and make your own design is inspiring. She has so far made two Pokemon cosplays, Scyther and Gyarados. Termina Cosplay as Scyther from Pokemon Photo by Vordigan Photography Places where you can find Termina Cosplay - Check out her pages to see an updated version of Scyther! It has a cool new foot design!! Facebook Page Deviantart Termina as Gyarados, Pokemon Photo by Vordigan Photography Interview with Termina Cosplay When did you start cosplayin

Shining Sakura's Guide to Sewing Machines

Finding the right sewing machine can be a real pain. Some machines are very intimidating, while others make you wonder if they will last during your project. Also, how do you take care of one once you have it? Shining Sakura is very passionate about her sewing machine and has been doing research on how to find the right one. She also has some great advice on maintenance and repair.  Here is what Sakura has learned. Enjoy! * There are pro/con cards throughout the article. If you have any questions about what you see here feel free to contact VFire on the Contacts/Links page. Sakura's Sewing Machine Guide Sewing machines come in all shapes and sizes. The one question many people ask is which one should I buy? Well that all depends on your budget and purpose. Here is a simple guide to help you determine which machine is best for you! You do not have to follow this advice perfectly but it can give someone an idea of what to look for in a sewing machine. All That is Old is

May first feature delayed - sorries!!

I apologize for the delay. Silver-Fyre needs more time to cover her interview questions. She is a very busy person and I am totally cool with that and want to make sure she has the time she needs to answer. I should have contacted her sooner, but school was school and I may have jumped the gun a little bit. If I do not have a post ready about her this week, I will have her up first thing next month. :D I assure you, the wait will be worth it. I asked some questions of Silver that I am personally interested in and may be of use for the cosplay community as well. In other news: I have the sewing machine guide from Shining Sakura! I will be posting that later this week as I review the document sent to me and find some reference pictures to add to it ;) Thank you for your patience. ~VFire

Request a Feature!

Greetings lovely readers, The double cosplayer features start this month! Tomorrow we will see our first feature for May. I have a long list of cosplayers I want to interview, but I wanted to ask you, the readers, about who you want to see on the blog. You can comment your requests below or use the contact form on the Contacts/Links page. Who do you want to see featured on the Stitch and Seam?  Comment or use the contact page to tell VFire! Include any questions you wold like to ask that cosplayer as well. ;) Here is a sneak peak at this month's two cosplayer features!! Tomorrow we will meet the lovely Silver Fyre and her amazing work on cosplays like Elsa and the Little Mermaid. On May 18th I will introduce you to Termina Cosplay and her Pokemon Gijinka cosplays and more! Thanks for reading - VFire