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How to Make Duct Tape Cosplays - By Duct Tape Nerd Life

Duct Tape Nerd Life showed off her sticky skills in November last year and she is back!! She is sharing her love of duct tape and the cool tricks she learned when making her Agitha dress. Check it out! - VFire Duct Tape Princess Agitha My character, Princess Agitha, was first featured in Twilight Princess but has since appeared in Hyrule Warriors. My design is based off of the Twilight Princess character, though there are only a few small differences in the design in the different games. Photo by Doors of Imagination Photography When first looking at my cosplay you may notice my fabric seems a bit off – this is because it’s duct tape! I love working with duct tape and figuring out ways to create things that would be easy with fabric but are hard, if not impossible, to make with duct tape. So how did I make it? It’s actually a lot simpler than most people think. The hardest part is remembering that you are wearing duct tape, not fabric, so it doesn't stretch t

Valentine's 2015 Featurette

Happy Valentine's to all you lovelies out there! I hope you enjoy this year's mini featurette and stories!! Valentine's is a great day to celebrate with your significant other and remember the bonds between the best of friends. Without further ado, here are the cosplayers for this year and their stories! Chii from Chobits wishes you the best Valentine's Day!  "Bakery Chii from Chobits offering my favorite cupcakes, red velvet." - Sutie Chii here is cosplayed by the ever talented Sutie of Silver Fyre Studio. Her favorite part about Valentine's Day is the sweets and doing these fun Valentine's photo shoots every year. Varrick and Zhu Li - Do the Thing!! I had to refrain from squeeing loudly while at work when I saw this entry. We have Andrew as the industrious Varrick and his assistant Zhu Li, cosplayed by Ana. These two met and fell in love not only with each other's cosplays but with one another. Such a cute couple!! Andrew tells

Goombah Squad - A Family that plays together, stays together.

Welcome back readers! I am really proud to introduce an amazing group today. This is the Goombah Squad, a family that cosplays and crafts together. Trena and Johny, the parents, are an amazingly talented couple. Trena does most of the sewing and Johny is in charge of prop work. Their first family cosplay was from the Harry Potter series for Halloween. From there their love of creating and crafting grew. Shelly, Felicia, and Braiden all enjoy making the costumes as well as wearing them with their parents. The Goombah Squad uses cosplay to bring their family closer together, even when the projects get overwhelming. They work together as a team and as a loving family to be their very best. The Goombah Squad! Felicia, Shelly, Johny, Braiden, and Trena all dressed as Final Fantasy X characters. Trena won 1st place Beginner's craftsmanship and Johny received an award for his props at Anime Banzai 2013. The whole group was awarded Best in Show. Photo by Doors of Imagination Photo