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Halloween Contest Feature

Happy Halloween! It is that time of year to don a costume and eat lots of tasty treats! The entries for this contest are really creative and fun. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Professor McGonagall First up I would love to feature my mom! I was so excited when she said she wanted to enter the contest. Even more so because this costume has been a dream of hers for a very long time. She is Professor Minerva McGonagall from the Harry Potter series. My mom chose this costume because one, it is a witch and my mom can cackle, like really cackle like a real witch. The other reason is that Professor McGonagall is the coolest witch in the series and she is a strong character. My mom has always admired her. How was the costume made? I made it for her. I am especially proud of the hat, which has a regular store bought hat underneath it. My mom found the black shirt and added her own brooch trinket which really made the costume pop. I love her! (I might have to record her cackl

Halloween Contest!!

Happy Halloween readers and cosplayers! I am hosting a mini contest here on the site to celebrate this awesome holiday and to thank all of you who have liked my Facebook page and read this blog. The VFire Cosplay Facebook page has reached over 1,000 likes!! And I didn't notice until a few days ago!! The blog also has over 13,000 views as of this month as well! Thank you! The Prize Now to celebrate with a contest and a fabulous prize. Since the convention season has ended here in Utah it looks like everyone is planning out next year's cosplays. I would like to offer my assistance. When planning out a costume I usually create character builds with sketches. I will draw out the character from the front, back, sides and in different layers if their clothing requires it. Sometimes it is difficult to get a full turn around of a character and we spend time watching the anime or playing the game to get every detail. The prize for the contest will be one character build of the win

Rou and Squats Cosplay Majora's Mask

It is NDK 2014 and I am wondering around the convention when I run into the coolest Majora's Mask cosplayers I have ever met. Rou is a senior in high school and is about to graduate and start the fun adventure of college. Squats is a junior in high school and has an infectious love of cosplay. I really like how both of these girls inspire each other to do awesome things from cosplay to artwork. Rou as Skull Kid and Squats as Link. Fun Fact: The two fairies look like they are floating because they stuck like Velcro to the tree branches!! Photo by VFire Squats started cosplaying in 2012 as Dave from the web-comic, Homestuck , when she went to an anime meet up at the mall. She fell in love with cosplay and has been going strong ever since. Rou started cosplaying this year as Krista from the popular series Attack on Titan . Squats introduced her to cosplay by giving her the signature jacket from the series. Together they decided to compete for the first time at NDK 2014 as Li

24 hours remain... October Cosplayer Feature

I apologize for the slight delay but this month's feature is still loading. It should be up by tomorrow night. The NDK and Comic Con reviews will be up the following week. Darn that thing called college and homework!! Thanks for reading!!! Preview of the October Feature. 24 hours remain till update...