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Mini Feature: D20 Contest Entries

As promised, here are all the entries from my first ever contest. The requirements were a picture, with photographer credit, along with a description of the costume, why this character, and how it was made. I was very impressed by the amazing talent and range of costumes that were entered. I look forward to talking with many of these costumers in the future (yes, all of you may be on my "to feature" list.... which grows bigger every day!) There were 19 out of the total 20 entry spots that were filled so get ready a big mini feature! Entries are listed below by the number the cosplayer received. By the way, I must say that all these pictures and descriptions are awesome! It is fascinating why we choose certain characters and the many different ways you can create them! 1. - blank 2. James - Gamoden Cosplay and series: Chaos Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Chaos was made using a variety of different thicknesses of craft foam and styrene plastic, the gem in the

Contest winner!!!!

Congrats to the winner!!!! Also note that all the entries will be given a mini feature on the blog in the coming week. Thank you to everyone who entered. You all have such awesome cosplays!

How Renna Made San's Mask

Renna is back and with her tutorial on Mask making! She created a cosplay of San from the movie Princess Mononoke. Here is how she made the mask for the wild character. Also, if you try her method of mask making, she would love to see your results! Check out her link at the bottom of the page. Renna as San Photo by Renna Hello! I’m happy to be back on VFire’s blog, this time talking about mask making! I’ll be showing you specifically how I made San’s mask from Princess Mononoke, but this technique can be used to make any kind of mask. Step #1: Find your base The base is the main shape of the mask. For San I used a ball about 10” in diameter. But you can use any base you want depending on your mask. If you’re making Majora’s Mask , find a heart shaped base. If you want to make a mask that fits your face, I recommend using this tinfoil technique: (but stop after the tinfoil part, I tried using their method to make a mask a

Contest Time of Fun!

In celebration of almost reaching 250 likes on my Facebook and almost 10,000 views on the Cosplay Stitch and Seam VFire is having a Contest! What are the Prizes? The grand prize will be a weekend pass to Fantasy Con and a Feature on the Cosplay Stitch and Seam . All entries will be a part of a mini feature on the blog as well. How do I enter? Message VFire on Facebook or use the contact form on the blog (upper right.) You can also e-mail VFire directly at VFire.props @ You will need to include the following in your message. If anything is missing I may not use it. Also, you must be older than 16 to enter. Your real name: Cosplayer name (if applicable): Cosplay and series: Age: A picture of you in a cosplay: (make sure to add photographer credit) A breif description about how that cosplay was made and why you chose it: Will you be able to go to Fantasy Con: Yes or no (If you cannot make, still enter. I might give the ticket away as a second prize if the main

RENNAgade Cosplay

Renna as Midna: Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Photo by VFire Renna is a cosplayer with an intense passion for creating new things. She is always trying to push her skill sets to new levels while remembering to have fun and be silly. Renna chooses her cosplays based on the strength of the characters, how much they want to be strong (ie: weak characters who grow throughout a series even though they have little power,) and characters that are just down right silly and fun to play! Her challenge to herself is to test her skills and be the best she can be, while making sure to have a nice dose of silly on the side. Renna as the Postman: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Fun selfie! Links to RENNAgade Cosplay Deviantart Facebook Twitter Youtube Interview Time! How did you start your adventures in cosplay? Hm... Well, I've ALWAYS loved dressing up, but was afraid of the stigma that came with it when you weren't a "kid" anymore.