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How Amberlee Made Maleficent

A few weeks ago we featured Amberlee and her Maleficent cosplay. As promised she has shared her crafting secrets for this fiendish fairy. Here are her notes and design choices. I personally cannot wait to see what she comes up with in the future. - VFire Amberlee and Maleficent Photo by Robert Hyrum Hirchi Inspiration I had decided to do the Maleficent costume soon after last Septembers Comic-Con.  I had seen a wonderful Ursula cosplay and thought that the female villains of Disney were a wonderful idea.  I remembered that a live action version of my favorite fem-fatal,  Maleficent, was going to be played by one of my personal hero's Angelia Jolie, and it just clicked.  I didn't start making the costume until February of this year, and was slow going. Material Choices I had soooo little reference to go on, with only one teaser trailer  released  and a few good pictures, one being the awesome headshot of just her face and cowl.  So I started there.  I knew I

FanX 2014 Contest Videos

This is the last FanX 2014 post. I have never really recorded a contest before but here you go. FanX pulled out some great judges for this year. We had Russ, Lex, and Evonne from ScyFy's  Jim Henson Creature Workshop come and help judge the contest. There was also Aaron Forrestor, a long time cosplay creator and the head judge. As a note, I will be doing a small series in VFire's Corner on Competitions and How to Prepare for Them. This will be beginning in the next month or so as I continue to collect information. I have left notes about this contest's winners and why they won after the videos listed. FanX did something very cool where the head judge came out and explained exactly why each costumer won. I always find it fascinating to hear what the judges have to say. Sadly I did not record that moment but I did take notes. I managed to record the entire beginner's class. Beginner class is always the largest class when it comes to the contests I have seen. You also

Amberlee - Innovative and Creative spunk!

Amberlee as Maleficent: Inspired by the new movie. Photo by Hyrum Hirschi Amberlee is always a charm to speak to at conventions, even though I have only run into her a few times. She surprises me with her mad sewing skills! Last September at Salt Lake Comic Con she debuted in the cosplay world with her fem-Jareth cosplay. Her female version of the Goblin King was really well put together and I could not believe it was one of her first sewing projects. Now fast forward to April and the Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Experience (FanX). Amberlee walks on stage with a gorgeous Maleficient cosplay. She gets bumped from Intermediate class to Masters with her amazing craftsmanship. I enjoy seeing hard work and new ideas put into a cosplay. Sometimes I am jealous of the costumers who can belt out five to ten cosplays in a year, but when you focus on getting one or two just right, the results are amazing. Amberlee really shows off her skills and is willing to try new things. She


Still battling some Sith Lords from May the Fourth. One of the droids stole my light saber and the cosplayer I was going to feature was taken by Ewoks. On an adventure to get them back. May's Cosplayer Feature will be up later this week. Sorry for the delay and stay tuned!! Thank you for reading. -VF

Super Smash Scavenger Hunt

Huzzah! The results of the scavenger hunt are here! I apologize for breaking my promise to have this up on Monday. Let's just say I finished my finals and that wave of laziness after finals was very inviting. While wandering about the Fan Experience a few weeks ago I decided to have a Super Smash Brothers themed scavenger hunt! The results were surprising and incredibly fun. I donned my Sheik cosplay went about picking fights, or rather photos, with other members of the Brawl video game. Luigi: Tom, Mario: Will, Princess Peach: Ashley Photo by Sadee Hansen The very first group we ran into not only had Mario, but Peach and Luigi too! I loved their fake mustaches and the Peach was adorable! We did a boys vs. girls shot and I think Peach and I would have totally won. Princess Peach by Fuyu Cosplay. Photo by Sadee Hansen We ran into my friend Winter who also has a cute Peach costume. I was so glad she wore it to the convention! I do not know if you would call it