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JasonInfinite89 - Less Drama More Fun!

Hello readers and welcome Jason, or JasonInfinite89, as the April Feature! A few months ago I had the chance of meeting this guy at the New Year's cosplay contest. Jason and I have become fast friends since then and we have fun talking about costumes and the community. He is very new to the costume crafting world, having started cosplaying in 2012. Despite being a new start Jason has 14 costumes and a few more in the works. He saves time by buying the major parts of his costumes, but makes sure to add his own modifications to the characters. This makes the costume unique to his own style.

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II.
Excuse Lightning's Blade from FF13, the keyblade
was missing and this was next best epic thing to
have in its place.
Photographer: Anthony Albertson

Jason enjoys having fun with his cosplays and wants to promote being kind to others. The internet is full of people who enjoy ripping down costumers for just about any reason. Jason doe not want anyone to be afraid of costuming and to remember the number one rule of cosplay: Fun! I hope you enjoy the interview with him as much as I did.

Links to JasonInfinite89
Deviantart Page

Interview with Jason

When did you first hear about cosplay?

As far as I can remember... all the way back in middle school. When I first heard about it, I honestly thought it was a silly hobby. A few of my friends would really get into this hobby from dressing up at random times to Halloween. But look at me now! I just called my self silly.

So what drew you to becoming silly and joining the costuming world?

Pressure from friends and attending to a couple of events would be my best answer. It started out with me going to E3 back in 2009 and PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) Seattle in 2010. When my friends and I would attend these events all my friends would cosplay all different kinds of video game characters and I was the only one that didn't cosplay. After spending so much time arguing and saying no, they finally got through to me.

Kaito of the Vocaloids.
Jason took this selfie. Very in character do you not think?

What do you enjoy most about costuming so far?

I enjoy bringing one of my favorite characters to life when attending any event with cosplayers. I like showing my love for the video games and anime I'm cosplaying from.

How about what you enjoy least about cosplaying?

The fact I have a hard time trying to act and portray the character. I'm so bad at acting! Will it ever be something I can work on and improve on in the future? Maybe, but it's not a huge issue for me when I cosplay.

Fun Fact: Jason,dressed as Ciel from Black Butler,
got to meet Jesse Lagers, in the Assassin's Creed IV garb, while in Portland.
Jesse was a part of the show Heroes of Cosplay.
Photo by Josh Greenwood

Now, you purchase most of your cosplays and modify some of them to fit the characters better. Tell me about how you decide on your purchases and modifications.

When I search for a cosplay to buy, I always look for the costume/outfit with the least amount of detail, accessories, etc... this saves me trouble from being stuck with cheap and inaccurate accessories that will never be used anyways. It also saves me money to put towards better props for a more authentic look. If someone out there were to buy the same cosplay as I did from the same vendor, I can at least be more unique in a way by modifying and adding the details myself. With a ton of people being super creative, crafting, and putting together their own cosplays these days, I find my self in a difficult situation when it comes to all the above I mentioned. I have more money than time, so sometimes I buy the stuff that can take a ton of time to make. That's where I come in and make the modifications, add additional accessories, and add designs so I can at least say I somewhat put it together. [It is] like being crafty in my own way.

Which costume has been your favorite to work on so far?

Overall it would have to be Neku from The World Ends With You, because I was able to craft everything (except the pants cause I already have them and they were perfect.) Embarrassed to say this but I used a simple tube skirt design I picked up at a local fabric store, couple of clay pigeons, a broken Turtle Beach head set, acrylic paint and a ton of duct tape. I'm safe to say I made everything my self. Currently I am working on putting together Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid 1 version) and Bishop from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 using my airsoft and paintball gear I no longer use. I also get to try out my friends embroidery machine for the logos.

Neku from the game The World Ends With You

Is there anything that you would like to change in the costuming community?

Make it drama free! It sucks to say this and it sucks to hear it, but the internet and other cosplayers can be so unforgiving and critical. Those can be a couple reasons why people never want to cosplay at events or conventions. The way I look at it is we're all doing it for fun and expressing our fandom, love, and interests from the games we play to the movies/shows we watch. I want to be able to tell everyone, "come out, dress up and have fun". Doesn't matter if it's something you picked up from a costume or a department store. It can be for everyone and anyone who wants to join in on the fun. If there's one thing I could change, it would be to take out all the drama and criticism in the cosplay community. I don't ever see my self getting too serious or competing with this hobby anytime soon. I do it just for fun.

What kind of advice do you have for costumers to help them avoid drama and enjoy costuming more?

If you're new to cosplay, just dress up as whoever your comfortable with and have fun. The advice my friend gave me was, "There will always be someone worse or better than you but it doesn't matter." Going with friends? Plan a group theme to make it more comfortable and fun! Afraid you're going to be bad at it? This is how you get better. I've been there, done that. Some are natural born cosplayers and some of us need experience. If you see anyone dressed up as your favorite character take a few seconds to tell that person "hey love your costume" or something.

Jason as Alois Trancy of Black Butler.
Photographer: Sarah Evans and Bree Heendeniya
This picture was taken while he was snow tubing!
Quite the cosplayer in action!
Katie Veach helped style the wig.

Thank you Jason for your input. We all hope for a little less drama sometimes when it comes to costuming. I am really glad I had this opportunity to interview Jason and help spread the message that cosplay comes in all forms: hand crafted, bought, modified and more! Thank you for reading!

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