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FanX Cosplayer Features and Review!

The Salt Lake Comic Con held a second event at the Salt Palace this year called the Fan Experience or FanX. Their first run at a comic con convention was bumpy but successful and FanX really showed how much they could improve. FanX was really fun and I very much enjoyed the extra space they opened up. I did not even think it was crowded with over 100,000 attendees there! What?! Yeah, surprised me too. The volunteers were amazing and very helpful. My only qualm was the communication with different leads on the e-mails. I hope they keep learning and keep making this convention even better for the September one! I look forward to what they can do! Of course the best part was meeting so many new faces and checking out the cosplays! For starters here is Kanmon Servoss as the Traveler from the incredible video game Journey.  If you have not played this game DO play it. It is really beautiful and has some great storytelling. Kanmon made this cosplay himself. His mask has lights in it so t

News: FanX - Scavenger Hunt Game!

Hello readers! Thank you for being awesome and I cannot wait to see many of you at the Fan Experience, or FanX, this weekend here in Utah. As usual I will be going about and taking pictures of con-goers and asking them about their costumes. That and the convention review will be posted next week. I am also doing an extra special feature based on the game below. Think you can help me out? Super Smash Scavenger Hunt! Special Extra Feature On Friday I will be dressed as Sheik from Super Smash Brothers: Brawl . As Sheik I want to see how many of the characters from Brawl I can find and get an action picture with them! FanX is going to have a large number of attendees so do you think I can find every person on the Brawl cast? Photo taken by my brother and edited by me. Link cosplayer is Cody. Saturday I will resume regular feature pictures and interviews for the FanX review post. The Scavenger Hunt will only be on Friday. Saturday I will be debuting Tigress from Kung Fu P

JasonInfinite89 - Less Drama More Fun!

Hello readers and welcome Jason, or JasonInfinite89, as the April Feature! A few months ago I had the chance of meeting this guy at the New Year's cosplay contest . Jason and I have become fast friends since then and we have fun talking about costumes and the community. He is very new to the costume crafting world, having started cosplaying in 2012. Despite being a new start Jason has 14 costumes and a few more in the works. He saves time by buying the major parts of his costumes, but makes sure to add his own modifications to the characters. This makes the costume unique to his own style. Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II. Excuse Lightning's Blade from FF13, the keyblade was missing and this was next best epic thing to have in its place. Photographer: Anthony Albertson Jason enjoys having fun with his cosplays and wants to promote being kind to others. The internet is full of people who enjoy ripping down costumers for just about any reason. Jason doe not want anyone to