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Elrowiel: For the Love of Fabric! Part 2!!

Welcome back! Here is part two of Elrowiel's feature with all her fabric descriptions. She also give some tips on creating mock-ups at the end. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy "For the Love of Fabric! Part 2!" You can find Part 1 here: "For the Love of Fabric: Part 1" Interview with Elrowiel Continued... What was your first cosplay? Well, it was sort of a kimono version of Princess Zelda. At the same time, I was working on Tenten from Naruto. Honestly, I consider Queen Nehelenia to be my first PLANNED cosplay, but technically it's my second. Different Fabrics Part 2 Opera Celes: Final Fantasy 6 10 yards cream peach skin for over dress 10 yards cream light satin for lining 6 yards heavy weight satin under skirt 6 yards Chiffon Georgette for overlay of skirt 5 yards of buff color Matte satin (so far) for applique 15 yards craft fuse interfacing for applique (so far) 3 yards blue taffeta for bows 1/2 yards dark blue taffeta for bow ed

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is having a good time, whether you celebrate the day of love or not. Valentine's is about being closer to the ones you love. That can be your significant other or your best of friends and family. I asked for pictures of costumers for Valentine's and here they are. For each picture I asked about how the costumes were made and how long it took. Not all the couples on here are dating or married, but all of them show their love of friendship and crafting! Enjoy! Anna and Elsa: Chocolate! Here we have BrookeLynn Sanders and Stephanie Stork as Anna and Elsa from Frozen ! There is nothing like chocolate for Valentine's so these two costumers show off their love of the treat with these fitting cosplays! BrookeLynn and Stephanie decided to cosplay for Frozen when they heard about the movie. They say it felt like forever to make the costumes, and a lot of parts had to be remade, but they managed to finish them within two months. Here they are at the Ice Castle

Elrowiel: For the Love of Fabric! Part 1

We all love fabric as costumers but sometimes it can be difficult deciding just which fabric to use. Elrowiel of Green Jello Cosplay is here to help! She had so much to say on fabric that I making this a two part feature! Check back for part two next week!  Elrowiel as Princess Zelda in the front cosplaying with Renna Mira as Midna. - Twilight Princess video game Photo by VFire Elrowiel is a very talented seamstress and has some gorgeous dresses and cosplays. I like to think of her as the Queen of Fabric! Some of her dresses get pretty near to having about 100 yards fabric and of hard work put into them. Her attention to detail really shows and her knowledge of fabric is certainly extensive. Please enjoy part one of her advice on fabrics and their uses! Places you can find Elrowiel Deviantart Facebook Tumblr AC Paradise Interview with Elrowiel on Fabric When did you first learn how to sew? My family is a long line of seamstresses, but I didn't re