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Happy New Year World! The last year is gone and now a new year is full of hope and surprise. The Salt Lake Comic Con Committee had a costume contest for the new year and I attended it to see what fun costumes I could find. What I really enjoy about costuming is all the different ways something can be made and the great work put into it. Even if you buy and modify the costume a little bit, it is always fun to see the pride a costumer has in their costume. Before we get started with the mini interviews, just a quick note: The Cosplay Stitch and Seam will be under construction over January, so there will be no month feature. I am hoping to add some new categories and fun articles for the blog for this new year. Monthly features will resume the first Monday of February! Also note: these pictures were taken by me and I am not very good at photos... so sorry if they are not the best quality. First up on the list is Niru as Ciel Phantomhive. As soon as I saw her outfit I had to ask a f