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Sugarpoultry Cosplay - Thrift Store Costuming Tips

Not all cosplay pieces have to be hand stitched or sewn. Going to a thrift store and looking for items that can help you in costume creation is a fun and cheap way of doing so. It really adds to that fun slogan, "Cosplay is the creation of the impossible with the cheaply available." Thrift stores are a great resource for finding materials for a costume. I, myself, love going to the local thrift store and checking out the cheap belts there. On the downside, belts for a dollar is a great deal which means I own over fifty belts at home. Make sure you do not go too crazy with the fun deals you find at a thrift store! "The pants and boots were from DI [Deseret Industries in Utah.] The "chainmail" I wore under the tunic was actually a very large silvery dress from DI. I cut it up and shaped it so it gave the effect of chain mail. Worked out pretty nice for an alternative." - Sugarpoultry as Link: Skyward Sword Photo by Sosimbo 2013 This month's featu