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Anime Banzai 2013

Anime Banzai was my first anime convention. I have been attending for six years and I enjoy every minute of it. I do admit this year was more stressful than the others, but that was mostly my own doing. Deciding to help my sister start and finish a Zelda cosplay in a month was a big factor. I also decided to bring my two little brothers... okay one little brother. The other "little" brother is a teenager and almost taller than me.... scary thought there. Photo by Sterling VFire (Mercedes) as Sheik, Lexus as Zelda, and little brother as Toon Link Despite needing to keep track of my siblings and make sure they were having fun, it really wasn't so bad. Banzai had one of the best gaming rooms this year and the boys were sort of lost in it for hours while I finished sewing Lexus into her Zelda cosplay and ran around making sure we had all our stuff for the contest. As always, a huge thanks to my friend Sadee for keeping me sane and helping out so much. Day one of Ba

Lord of Dinosaurs Cosplay

When we first think of cosplay we think of the main characters in popular series being portrayed by costumers all over the world. At conventions we all run into more than that. The rare, side, and even obscure characters that are made into someone's cosplay are fantastic to find. Emma, Lord of the Dinosaurs Cosplay, cosplays her favorite villains and good guys no matter who they are. If a character stands out to her in personality and design she takes on the challenge and creates them. Dino Lord as King Candy - Wreck-It Ralph Photo taken at Saboten 2013 Photographer unknown The cosplay community boosted Emma's self esteem and broker her shy shell in 2010 when she attended her first convention. Since then she has taken on the role of many rare and fun characters like King Candy and Kululu. I don't think I have ever spotted her at a convention not having a good time. She plays her characters well and has some killer craftsmanship as well. Links for the Lord of