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Zhao Yun's Armor - by Tatsue

"Tatsue has some mad skills with craft foam. Almost all her costumes have craft foam in use somewhere in the mix of materials. She created Zhao Yun's armor, Dynasty Warriors 7, on a strict college budget and made it look very realistic. This shows that a little bit of creative energy and thought can go a long way to keep your wallet from feeling empty." - VFire


While I was making this costume, I was both a poor college student and a starving artist, so I didn't have too much money to throw at a costume, so my goal was to make something under $50 but still have it look good. I had never made armor before (besides Terra's pauldrons that were just slightly curved unimpressive pieces of craft foam with felt on the underside) So, using only craft foam, glue, and some rub-n-buff, this is how I made cheap armor that doesn't look like crap!
First I started out drawing out the shape of the armor on a piece of paper and fitting that over a duct tape …

Cosplay Extravaganza!

This past weekend Salt Lake City, Utah had its very first and very own comic convention, Salt Lake Comic Con. It apparently is the largest opening comic convention in history with about 70,000 attendees total. It was a fun convention and it certainly had its pro's and con's but I delighted in asking a few cosplayers about their work! Check out the fun cosplayers and the cool things they did to create their comic con worthy cosplays!

First up we have Caroline as the lovely Princess Zelda from the "Legend of Zelda" game series. Caroline made the pauldrons out of a soft material so she could move easily and not worry about the piece breaking. Her jewelry is made of glass beads, gold wire, and gold decorative plastic. The plastic was part of a larger design that she cut up into the right shapes and put fabric on the back to keep them from snagging on the fabric. Overall this was one of my favorite Zelda cosplays!

Next we have Morgan and Renee as Sheik and Sariah, also &q…

Tatsue: Taking on Cosplay Challenges with a Smile

Every time I see Tatsue at a convention she always has something bigger and better with her cosplays. Her attention to detail and time put into her cosplays shows through when she reveals a new project.

Tatsue enjoys the smiles she puts on people's faces because of her hard work. She takes on the challenge of cosplay. What is this challenge? Cosplay is often described as the creation of the impossible and many costumes can be very difficult to make without the proper skill sets. Tatsue takes each costume creation and pushes her skill sets. She can sew, paint, embroider, and more. From fabric dyeing to armor and prop fabrication, Tatsue takes cosplay seriously but remembers that having fun is the most important part.

You can find Tatsue at these places:

Interview with Tatsue
What was your very first cosplay and what was your inspiration?
Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: I have always loved Sephiroth but never felt like I would have been able to cosplay him prope…