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Eric Hall: Super Star Trek Dad

Imagine for a moment, coming into a convention and seeing Superman followed by two mini super heroes and a cute little princess. Eric Allan Hall has a family cosplayers and he loves including his children at conventions and fundraising events. He has a big heart and is a co-founder of the non-profit cosplay group, HEROIC, Inc., which supports and helps run charity events in costume. Eric is big Star Trek fan as well and has left a big impression in the Star Trek world of fans. Eric Hall as Superman with mini Flash and a wee princess. Eric has been creating costumes for as long as he can remember. From dying himself blue as a kid to assimilating and joining the Borg, Eric has a wide range of talents and costumes that have been recognized by even William Shatner! He shares this talent and his convention experiences with his wife and children. At almost every convention I have seen him at, Eric has a little Borg or mini super hero following him around. Check out the interview b

Salt City Steamfest 2013

First, Cosplayer Features will update on the first Monday of every month. This is now in the About Section of the blog. :) And now for the Steamfest recap form last weekend. The Salt City Steamfest is a convention near and dear to my heart. I have served on the volunteer committee as Lead and then Second for the past two years. I have enjoyed every minute of it. This convention has the most amazing steampunk costumers and a great supporting crowd of attendees. The atmosphere of the con is incredible and it was certainly fun to be a part of this year. The convention started last year with a bang pulling in 1200 attendees. Keep in mind, we only expected 400. This year the convention went above and beyond with talents like Unwoman and Tracy Hickman. It was great hearing the various steampunk bands play in the main events, while attendees with adventurers passes completed quests in the halls. It was also fun to make said adventurers sing and dance for the quest items. They got extra po