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How Jindrax Made the Clawshot

For those who have played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess the clawshot in the game is a familiar and very useful item. Jindrax , Aaron Roth, created his very own replica of the claw shot using the Pepakura program. Below is the information he sent me with his step-by-step process. I also enjoyed how he names the items on the clawshot. It is very similar to what I do when I do not know what something is. Check out his creation process in his own words! - VFire Inspiration for the Clawshot! "The idea for the clawshot came after seeing Amouranth’s Green Tunic Link cosplay. She built the Iron Boots as one of her props, which ended up giving me the idea. What else could be built from Twilight Princess ? The clawshot seemed kind of plausible. It was one of my favorite props from the game. And so began my first Pepakura project...." Pepakura File Jindrax has the Pepekura file hosted on his website. Scaling "I curr

Jindrax - Putting Creativity to the Test

July's cosplayer feature is someone who has impressed me in how much he has improved over one year. From craft foam scales to cold cast shells on his Zora Armor, Jindrax has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to prop and detail work. Jindrax started cosplaying around March of 2012. It has only been a little over a year and Jindrax has made Zora Armor Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess twice, improving his technique as he went. His secret? Papercraft! The Pepakura program can take 3D models straight form the video game and print them on paper to be folded, reinforced, and painted. Jindrax has mastered this program to create items like the Clawshot, the Zora Helm, and more. Jindrax as Zora Armor Link from Twilight Princess Photo by Brian Holm Check out these links for Jindrax's work. Facebook Deviantart He also has his own Tutorial Website!  I highly recommend it. (In fact is now part of the Links page for further reference.) Jindrax show

Hiatus Over and Great News

Hello everyone! Thank you for sticking around while I got married and moved into an apartment. I aplogize for the late post today, but it is my birthday so... I can be lazy right? I noticed as I was gone that the blog still got some healthy traffic. Now that the hiatus is over there are some big things to look out for this month. Chris and I were out at 4 AM for this shot. Picture by Duke Johnson Astro-photography is awesome! First, next week the cosplayer feature will be up and we will be delving into a fun process I think everyone will enjoy. I am taking each interview and trying something new; focusing more on the process, skill sets, and professional use of skills learned through cosplay. Second, some of my surprises upon returning have been a little slow in the making but sometime this month I plan on having (drum roll) a Tutorial Website and Collective going live. What is this? Well, I am working on tutorials based on my adventures in cosplaying that I would love to shar