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June Hiatus

The Stitch and Seam will be taking a break for June! VFire is moving homes and getting married next month so the blog will sit and look pretty in the meantime. Check back in July for the next cosplayer feature and a new "How They Made...." entry! The blog might even get a make over too. I am also working on a  secret project that might be revealed in July as well. (Hint: Anyone notice that the tutorial link vanished a few weeks ago? Hmm, maybe it will show up somewhere?) Thank you every one who reads and helps with this blog! It has become more than I imagined and I am so glad to see it do so well! Thank you! In the meantime: VOTE! Haha, or at the very least check out the amazing cosplays in the Cosplay Otaku Idol website! I entered this picture of Wander because my friend Sadee did such a wonderful job with this shot! We spent half a day "wandering" on the mountain behind my house a while back. You can click the picture to be taken to the cosplay voting website.

Salt Fest

I apologize for this post being so short, but I have been very busy with plans for June. I realized I needed to post my review for the Salt Fest, so here it is! Play all the games! Or just one, and it was this one. "Magnetic by Nature." Link loves puzzle games. The Salt Fest gaming convention was a lot of fun. For a first time convention they did a great job in picking a location. The University of Utah has a great Entertainment Arts and Engineering program (which I am majoring in) and the con goers were quite the crowd. I was not able to make any panels, except one on Pepakura by Aaron Roth. I need to learn more about papercraft and get crafting! Aaron's work is very well done and so professional looking. I won't say more and leave the surprise for later since he will likely by my July feature. Screen shot of "Magnetic by Nature." It was a great opportunity to meet new faces and see some of the games the University of Utah gaming program is

Inoli - Love at First Exposure! A Look Behind Cosplay Photography

Inoli as Kurogane from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles I absolutely love the fusion of the photographer and cosplayer in this picture. Photo by Leanne Longacre of ShutterCrazyPhoto Sometimes the world forgets about who is behind the camera of the amazing pictures of cosplayers. For the May Cosplayer Feature I asked on Facebook, Deviantart, and here for suggestions about your favorite cosplay photographers. There were so many to choose from! The one that stood out the most was Inoli Images from Denver, Colorado."She is so talented and shoots a variety of cosplayers, which is amazing! I usually get shy with photographers but she has always made me feel really comfortable and she is really easy to work with," says Julie (PasNRaine) who suggested Inoli on Deviantart. Inoli is from Denver, Colorado but does her best to escape to the snowy mountains with her friends on school breaks. She has a college degree in photography and has been inspired to take pictures since sh

Cosplay Photographer and News Update

A cosplay photographer has been picked! Keep an eye out for the feature within the next week or so. The next few weeks will be very busy for me. Salt Fest is a week from Saturday and my wedding plans are falling in place (albeit haphazard, but in place.) Not much to say other than Utah decided to snow on May 1st... there isnosuch thing as a month for spring here. It s just one day or half a weeke here and there. On the upside, the coulds look amazing on the mountains!