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Cosplay Photography

Cosplay is amazing, but so are the people behind the cameras! Next month's cosplayer feature is going to be a cosplay photographer, but I am afraid I am not sure who to pick! There are so many talented photographers out there I thought I would get your opinion. You can comment here, on Facebook , or send me an e-mail (VFireprops@ suggesting your favorite cosplay photographer. Please link me their webpage or contact information so I can get a hold of them. I will choose a photographer based on their work and what you have to say about them! What makes your friendly cosplay photographer your favorite? Who do you think would be willing to share their talent here on the Stitch and Seam? I will be choosing a photographer (or more!) by this Friday, April 26th, 2013 so send your suggestions! VFire's favorite photographer is her best friend Sadee. We both take pictures but have much to learn.

April Feature - Double Time with Green Jello Cosplay!

April's Cosplayer Feature is a double treat! Green Jello Cosplay! All puns aside, this dynamic duo has been cosplaying for some time now and they have worked their way to the top of the cosplaying world and my list of cosplayer idols. Big dresses, great craftsmanship, historical detail, and hard work brought these two cosplayers to compete in the Mountian Preliminaries at Nan Desu Kan for World Cosplay Summit 2013 (WCS.) There they won as the Wild Card Team and last month they competed in the finals for the WCS U.S. Team Even though they did not win the finals, they had a brilliant performance! Green Jello Cosplay Elrowiel as Queen Nehelenia and Pannon as Princess Serenity. Photo by Inoli Images  "As a young girl I always admired Sailor Moon because she could be beautiful and strong at the same time and being kind did not mean she was weak!" - Pannon Fun Fact: Queen Nehelenia alone has about 80 yards of fabric and 8 wigs sewn together. Despite the  weight

Stay Tuned!

March's Cosplay Feature is coming and it is going to be a real treat! I want to spoil the surprise, but I think you will enjoy the Feature better if I keep it a secret. Stay Tuned! The Feature will be posted this weekend if all goes to plan. Why have things not gone to plan? Well VFire was a little late in getting the interview questions out... and then she smashed her car into a tank... Okay, it was not a tank but the other guy had FAR less damage than the headlights ending up in the engine block. VFire wants a truck... no she wants a TANK! Anyways, all is well and both drivers walked away unhurt thankfully. (I made sure I was alright by doing cartwheels and handstands over the weekend. Why? Because I can! Ahahahaha!) In the meantime here are some pictures of my progress on Sheik's armor to keep my readers entertained.  Before dying the Leather  After dying the Leather. Still lots of work to do.