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Salt City Steamfest Pre-Registration

Every so often I feature a convention on my blog. You might see this particular convention pop up time and time again. The reason? I am helping to run it as the Volunteer coordinator and I know all the fun goody things that will be happening. This convention is going to be a real hit so I have to share it! Calling all Steampunks! The Salt City Steamfest is Utah's premier steampunk convention. The Steamfest started last year in the summer in Salt Lake City, Utah. We expected 400, maybe 500 hundred attendees would show up for this first year convention. There were 1275 attendees and the place was packed and the steampunk crowd was amazing! This year's Steamfest will be held at the Davis Convention Center in Layton, Utah. Events such as the Nerf Battle and the Formal Ball will be returning. Guests like "The Uprising of The Gin Rebellion," "Unwoman," and more are coming to the Oasis in the Utah Desert to perform and interact. The "Nerf Battle" will

March Feature - Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall, also known as Miss Relena, is the Vice Chairwoman of Fannatiku Fest and has some splendid cosplays and tips to share. She grew up on "Japanimation," before it was called Anime, and enjoyed shows like "Kimba the White Lion" and "Robo Tech." Sarah Hall has hand-stitched, appliqued, and sewn simple cosplays to the incredibly complex "Trinity Blood" art book versions.  Sarah Hall as Vivaldi: Alice in the Country of Hearts Photo by Hillary Gowers Links for Anime Fannatiku and Miss Relena: Miss Relena on Deviantart Anime Fannatiku Forums Fun Fact: This picture was taken at Fannatiku Fest 2013. The dress is actually missing its hoops skirt so Sarah is wearing SEVEN petticoats! She is also wearing two corsets. That is a lot of fabric and boning! Interview with Sarah Hall What/who introduced you to anime and what is it about anime that you like? I have loved Anime before Anime was called Anime here in the United St

News Update: Fannatiku Takes Hit

I recieved an e-mail and decided to share the news here. Please help out if you can! Spread the news. Thank you!  "Fannatiku Fest is a tiny Anime convention that just had it's seventh year. We are not-for-profit, and every dime we make goes right back into making the next convention the best it can be. Unfortunately. . . On Saturday, 3/2/13, during the Masquerade, an unscrupulous person stole the Lexington Hotel's video projector. Understandably, since we were the last group to use it, the hotel demanded that Fannatiku pay for a replacement. That was not cheap. In fact, some of our staff had to use their own money to cover the entire expense. Now, I don't want to start a panic and make our amazing attendees think that there won't be a Fannatiku Fest 2014 - there absolutely will be! But unless we can recoup some of the losses, many of the plans and events we have in store for you will have to be pushed back to a later convention or cut all together. It is my h

Warm Weather and Convention: Fannatiku 2013!

Talk about being spoiled over the weekend. Northern Utah is freezing but St. George, Utah... 70 degrees F all weekend long. I totally walked around in shorts and sandals. Awesome! Long awaited Prince and Doll make their debut at Fannatiku 2013! Photos taken by Kimi Ushio and VFire When it comes to conventions Fannatiku is small but it has spunk and has easily become my favorite convention. I have not been to a convention so down to earth and entertaining. I was able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, and most of all, it was easy to find my friends. I didn't have crowds to search through or shout over to get someone's attention or a myriad of events to choose from. It was simple and I loved it! Slenderman!!! Agitha is warding him off with her picnic basket! Photo by Vfire I want to give a shout out to Sarah Hall for her help and awesome job with the events. She was always so spunky and full of energy, even with her broken knee! Sarah and the all the Fannatiku s