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How Sailor Crafty Made... Sora: Kingdom Hearts II!

Last week we met Savannah, aka: Sailor Crafty, and her fun creature and human cosplays. This week we get to delve into one of her first creations: Sora from "Kingdom Hearts II." This section of the blog is brand new and is meant for seeing the creation process of one or more parts of a coplay. Savannah was kind enough to explain her entire Sora cosplay for us.


Savannah did not know she was going to cosplay Sora as she played through the popular game "Kingom Hearts II." There is nothing like a sudden moment of inspiration from something you see.

"I was working at JoAnn... and noticed a chain in the clearance rack. This chain sparked the idea [for the cosplay] because it was so perfect for Sora's crown necklace!" - Sailor Crafty.

Creation Process
"The overall idea behind this costume was comfort and and the ability to wash everything so I can wear it again and again! I made it back in 2005 and I still wear it to cons now! ... I especially enjoy wearing Sora because his personality is so easy going and goofy. I can basically be my grinning, dorky self and I am totally in character. It is the most compfortable costume I own... Because of the layers I never feel cold and because of the character I always have warmth in my heart."

(Savannah! That last line was so cute!!!)

Wig: 80's punk rocker wig. Chosen for its anti-gravity "oompf" that helped with the spikiness.

Sailor Crafty's cut.

Her friend's mom helped.

"Due to my noob cutting skills I finally took the wig to a friend a friend whose mom is a pro and she fixed it up. It looked so much better when she was done with it."

Outer Jacket: Savannah used a hoodie pattern that she modified to have a pointier hood, shorter waistline, and tailored to fit to her body. She added white trim fabric and a zipper.

"I used refernce picture to make sure I got the cartoony-ness and curves just right. I added white trim fabric and a zipper... my first zipper ever. When it zips up all the way it is half an inch off somehow, haha!"

Shoulder Armor: This is essentialy a vynl "pillow" with thin foam on the inside that attaches to the jacket with velcro. The studs are silver buttons covers and the yellow straps are bias tape.

"The buckles came off a little cosmetic purse I found at the thrift store."

Tank Top: an altered thrift store tank top.

Gloves: a pair of Gore-Tex gloves with the fingers cut off, bias tape strapping, button covers, and a peice of vynl.

You can see how much stuffing was in the gloves!
 Necklace Pendant: Fun foam painted with silver nail polish.

"To put the chain on so i tlooked accurate I stuck two long quilting pins into the sides of the foam piece, through a chainlink each, and into the middle crown prong. I then cut off the ball ends of the quilt pins."

Pants: basketball short, sweatpants, elastics, white fabric trim, and batting.

"I wear a regular pair of blue basketball shorts. Then, on top for the 'chaps' or whatever you call them, I fuond a very large pair of sweat pants that I cut the groin area out ot, put elastic at the top so it would fit my waist, and elastic at the bottom do they would fit snugly just below my knee. I added white fabirc trim and filled the bottom of the pants with batting so they had the 'puffed' shape."

Red Hip Bags "Saddlebags?": denim-like fabric, black nd yellow straps, and velcro.

"I added velcro to the flaps so the pockets are fully functional and I can carry everything I need around the con in them. I also put velcro on the ends of the yellow straps so that I can easily take them on and off."

Sailor Crafty's End Notes 

"The only things missing fromt his outfit are a blu belt and the terrifying yellow "boat shoes" which I never attempted to make. I was worried it would be hard to wear them so I usually wear my comfy pair of Airwalks. Because of the "sport/street" nature of the costume it works well and no one seems to notice. I also carry around anice keyblad that was a gift from a friend. It is a solid peice of metal so it is very heavy but will make you strong for battles ahead!"

Story Time!!!!

Savannah, along with her awesome crafting notes, left me with two really fun experiences she had when she wore Sora. Cosplay can lead to such fun and entertaining moments!

"My best memory of wearing the Sora outfit was when I went to Disneyland in it. I did not wear the wig, nor the saddlebags, because I did not want to get in trouble for costuming there. The outfit is obscure enough that only fans understood what was going on and they loved it! All through the day both kids and adults would approach me and tell me they liked my outfit. Also, I was able to smuggle two large muffins into the park in my puffed pants to eat line at the rides!'
'Another favorite memory was at my first Anime Expo, I think in 2007. I was sitting outside the convention with my friends when this guy comes up to us and starts asking about how we liked the X Japan concert. We said we liked it and exchanged some slightly confused but enthusiastic commentary. We saw him go to his car and two beautiful women were helping him with his luggage. He went inside and the valet ran up to us and said, "You have no idea who that was do you??'
"No... he seamed nice though..."
"'That was Dennis Rodman!!!'"
'We flipped out. It was so random. When Dennis came back out of the building we begged him for a quick photo. He is SO tall! It was a really funny random celebrity encounter and we were all in cosplay!"

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