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The pre-con jitters are getting to me. I am going to Fannatiku in St. George, Utah this weekend. It will be the first convention for me this year and I am very excited! I have never been to this convention and so far I have heard good things about it. The events include Cosplay Chess, a formal dance (Wonderland themed), a Cosplay Contest, and more! The panel line-up is also impressive with Cassini Closet  teaching panels on Mascot Cosplay and Plushie making. The cosplayer guest GoH Precious Cosplay will also be there and hosting panels on cosplay design. I will be doing a panel on handstitching and embroidery for cosplay on day two. Fannatiku's website and events here! Looks like I won't have a dull moment while at this convention. My sister and I have plans for the Cosplay Contest. Together Lexus and I call ourselves "Ba-bomb Squad." At least that is what it will be for this competition. We might change it, haha. We will be debuting my latest work: Prince and Dol

How Sailor Crafty Made... Sora: Kingdom Hearts II!

Last week we met Savannah, aka: Sailor Crafty, and her fun creature and human cosplays. This week we get to delve into one of her first creations: Sora from "Kingdom Hearts II." This section of the blog is brand new and is meant for seeing the creation process of one or more parts of a coplay. Savannah was kind enough to explain her entire Sora cosplay for us. Inspiration   Savannah did not know she was going to cosplay Sora as she played through the popular game "Kingom Hearts II." There is nothing like a sudden moment of inspiration from something you see. "I was working at JoAnn... and noticed a chain in the clearance rack. This chain sparked the idea [for the cosplay] because it was so perfect for Sora's crown necklace!" - Sailor Crafty. Creation Process   "The overall idea behind this costume was comfort and and the ability to wash everything so I can wear it again and again! I made it back in 2005 and I still wear

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a fun filled day! Wether you are single or have that special someone, make today amazing! And I made a Valentine's card... This weekend! Look out for the very first and very impressive "How They Made...." section to be updated with Sailor Crafty's Sora Cosplay. It is so cool! Random note: I have 23 page views from Russia... Russia!!!! That is so cool!

Sailor Crafty

Savannah, aka: Sailor Crafty, is a very talented cosplayer. Her works include Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Sailor Moon, and Lugia the Pokemon. Sailor Crafty has a very wide range of skills and great advice for young up and coming cosplayers. She defines cosplay as "Disneyland for nerds, where everyone can dress up!" Please welcome SailorCrafty as February's Cosplayer Feature. Sailor Crafty as Sailor Moon from the Sailor Moon series. I first ran into Savannah a few years back at GEEX (Gaming and Electronics Expo in Utah.) Ever since then she has never ceased to amaze and step up her skill with each cosplay. She has a wide range of skills from sewing to creature construction. She is also a wonderful teacher. Savannah has a blog where she will update how to make certain cosplays. Her Youtube channel also has many fun tutorials. Sailor Crafty Blog Youtube   Facebook Page Because of Savannah's willingness to share and talk about cosplays, next week she will be th

New Blog Features: How They Made

Good morning!... or evening, or day! There have been a few changes in the blog. The "How They Made..." section will be up and running this month. This new section to the blog will be featuring how a cosplayer made a certain part of a cosplay or the entire cosplay, depending on what they would like to share. This section is not necessarily a tutorial section, but rather a place to see what materials and techniques a cosplayer used to create their work. "How They Made..." will start with February's Cosplayer Feature, which should be up by the end of this week. I apologize for the delay but a certain blogger got a full time job. It is amazing how much time 40 hours really is. The Cosplay Feature will be up by the end of the week and the accompanying "How They Made..." will follow up the next week. Other new blog features include a tutorial section, an events page, and an updated links page. The tutorials will be going live in a few months as pictures