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Heidi and H.E.R.O.I.C. Inc, Cosplay for a Cause

Cosplay is a fun hobby for many costumers out in the world. Some take their costuming skills to a whole new level often called "Cause-Play." This is when you pull out that costume, get in character, and help charity or someone in need. Many different groups have formed from this idea. The Mandolorian Mercs and the 501st Legion are two Star Wars based groups that are all over the United States. Here in Utah we have one smaller group called H.E.R.O.I.C. Inc. H.E.R.O.I.C. Inc at Hastur Games in Salt Lake City. This group has about 37 members, 60 characters, and can do about 60 events in a year. They are hard workers and are dedicated to helping out charities.  This is where Heidi comes in. Heidi is one of the founders of H.E.R.O.I.C. and she is the sweetest person ever. I met her a little over a year ago. My younger cousin is down-syndrome and he loves super heroes and many cartoons. There was a Buddy Walk being held for Down Syndrome in our hometown. I had heard of th

Sugarpoultry Cosplay - Thrift Store Costuming Tips

Not all cosplay pieces have to be hand stitched or sewn. Going to a thrift store and looking for items that can help you in costume creation is a fun and cheap way of doing so. It really adds to that fun slogan, "Cosplay is the creation of the impossible with the cheaply available." Thrift stores are a great resource for finding materials for a costume. I, myself, love going to the local thrift store and checking out the cheap belts there. On the downside, belts for a dollar is a great deal which means I own over fifty belts at home. Make sure you do not go too crazy with the fun deals you find at a thrift store! "The pants and boots were from DI [Deseret Industries in Utah.] The "chainmail" I wore under the tunic was actually a very large silvery dress from DI. I cut it up and shaped it so it gave the effect of chain mail. Worked out pretty nice for an alternative." - Sugarpoultry as Link: Skyward Sword Photo by Sosimbo 2013 This month's featu

Anime Banzai 2013

Anime Banzai was my first anime convention. I have been attending for six years and I enjoy every minute of it. I do admit this year was more stressful than the others, but that was mostly my own doing. Deciding to help my sister start and finish a Zelda cosplay in a month was a big factor. I also decided to bring my two little brothers... okay one little brother. The other "little" brother is a teenager and almost taller than me.... scary thought there. Photo by Sterling VFire (Mercedes) as Sheik, Lexus as Zelda, and little brother as Toon Link Despite needing to keep track of my siblings and make sure they were having fun, it really wasn't so bad. Banzai had one of the best gaming rooms this year and the boys were sort of lost in it for hours while I finished sewing Lexus into her Zelda cosplay and ran around making sure we had all our stuff for the contest. As always, a huge thanks to my friend Sadee for keeping me sane and helping out so much. Day one of Ba

Lord of Dinosaurs Cosplay

When we first think of cosplay we think of the main characters in popular series being portrayed by costumers all over the world. At conventions we all run into more than that. The rare, side, and even obscure characters that are made into someone's cosplay are fantastic to find. Emma, Lord of the Dinosaurs Cosplay, cosplays her favorite villains and good guys no matter who they are. If a character stands out to her in personality and design she takes on the challenge and creates them. Dino Lord as King Candy - Wreck-It Ralph Photo taken at Saboten 2013 Photographer unknown The cosplay community boosted Emma's self esteem and broker her shy shell in 2010 when she attended her first convention. Since then she has taken on the role of many rare and fun characters like King Candy and Kululu. I don't think I have ever spotted her at a convention not having a good time. She plays her characters well and has some killer craftsmanship as well. Links for the Lord of

Zhao Yun's Armor - by Tatsue

"Tatsue has some mad skills with craft foam. Almost all her costumes have craft foam in use somewhere in the mix of materials. She created Zhao Yun's armor, Dynasty Warriors 7 , on a strict college budget and made it look very realistic. This shows that a little bit of creative energy and thought can go a long way to keep your wallet from feeling empty." - VFire Zhao Yun - Dynasty Warriors 7 Cosplay by Tastue Inspiration While I was making this costume, I was both a poor college student and a starving artist, so I didn't have too much money to throw at a costume, so my goal was to make something under $50 but still have it look good. I had never made armor before (besides Terra's pauldrons that were just slightly curved unimpressive pieces of craft foam with felt on the underside) So, using only craft foam, glue, and some rub-n-buff, this is how I made cheap armor that doesn't look like crap! Patterning First I started out drawing out the

Cosplay Extravaganza!

This past weekend Salt Lake City, Utah had its very first and very own comic convention, Salt Lake Comic Con. It apparently is the largest opening comic convention in history with about 70,000 attendees total. It was a fun convention and it certainly had its pro's and con's but I delighted in asking a few cosplayers about their work! Check out the fun cosplayers and the cool things they did to create their comic con worthy cosplays! First up we have Caroline as the lovely Princess Zelda from the "Legend of Zelda" game series. Caroline made the pauldrons out of a soft material so she could move easily and not worry about the piece breaking. Her jewelry is made of glass beads, gold wire, and gold decorative plastic. The plastic was part of a larger design that she cut up into the right shapes and put fabric on the back to keep them from snagging on the fabric. Overall this was one of my favorite Zelda cosplays! Next we have Morgan and Renee as Sheik and

Tatsue: Taking on Cosplay Challenges with a Smile

"I would say the challenge is the process, creating something new that you have never created before and challenging yourself to be better each time you make something new." - Tatsue Cosplaying Terra from Final Fantasy VI Photo by Natalie Daniel Every time I see Tatsue at a convention she always has something bigger and better with her cosplays. Her attention to detail and time put into her cosplays shows through when she reveals a new project. "Challenging oneself to test your skills and improve them are great traits in a cosplayer. Even with all her amazing skills Tatsue still remembers the number one rule of anything: Have fun." - VFire Tatsue as Legolas: The Lord of the Rings Photo by Sam Miyake Tatsue enjoys the smiles she puts on people's faces because of her hard work. She takes on the challenge of cosplay. What is this challenge? Cosplay is often described as the creation of the impossible and many costumes can be very difficult t

Eric Hall: Super Star Trek Dad

Imagine for a moment, coming into a convention and seeing Superman followed by two mini super heroes and a cute little princess. Eric Allan Hall has a family cosplayers and he loves including his children at conventions and fundraising events. He has a big heart and is a co-founder of the non-profit cosplay group, HEROIC, Inc., which supports and helps run charity events in costume. Eric is big Star Trek fan as well and has left a big impression in the Star Trek world of fans. Eric Hall as Superman with mini Flash and a wee princess. Eric has been creating costumes for as long as he can remember. From dying himself blue as a kid to assimilating and joining the Borg, Eric has a wide range of talents and costumes that have been recognized by even William Shatner! He shares this talent and his convention experiences with his wife and children. At almost every convention I have seen him at, Eric has a little Borg or mini super hero following him around. Check out the interview b