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November Feature: Cassini Closet

The first feature has been scouted out and interviewed! Please wlcome Cassini closet, Mascot Cosplay Extraordinaire. The talented Cassini Closet is this month’s featured cosplayer. She has been cosplaying since 2009 and has won a number of awards for her Mascot Cosplays. In October she was part of a fantastic skit about the Card Captors at Anime Banzai. Cassini showcased her Keroberos Cosplay, above picture, in the skit and captivated the audience and judges. The skit won Best in Show. I chose Cassini as the first feature for this blog because she has never ceased to amaze me. From her Mascot Cosplays to her plushie dolls, this girl is very talented and inspirational. I really look forward to her creations. In the above photo Cassini is working hard on her Bowser cosplay. Here is a list of Cassini's websites where you can find more of her work and tutorials as well. Cassini Closet on Deviantart Instructables Page Facebook Page Youtube Channel    Intervi

Scouting for First Feature

Now that my convention fever has been sated and the festivities are dying down, I am looking for that first cosplayer to feature on the blog. I have a few people in mind that would be fantastic to show off their work. By the end of next week I plan to have this month's Cosplay Feature up and running. I have interview questions ready and I am excited to get this on the move. In other news, I have a had a slight identity crisis. No not a real crisis, just wondering if I should be Vermilion Fire or Viridian Fire. I like green more than red, but I have had Vermilion Fire for years as my cosplay title. What do you think about cosplay names and titles?