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Time of Thanks

It is time for the holiday season. I hope in the hustle and bustle of running around that we all remember to be thankful for what we have. It does not matter who we are or what we believe so long as we are thankful for the things we have and are willing to help our fellow man. Some terrible events have passed through this year. Most recent is the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.  My prayers go out to the families affected. There was also the Sandy Hurricane and the many lives affected by the torrents of rain and wind. Even though these tragedies have torn families we must continue forward and keep our spirits up.  For some it will take time and that is alright. Please remember this season the good things in life and why we push forward everyday. I am so grateful for my siblings, for my niece and nephew, and the family and friends that help me out, even when I am being a pain. Things can, and often will, go wrong. We never plan for these things and they are called unspeakable for a rea

December Feature: Cosmmix

Cosmmix is a young cosplayer with a lot of talent.    Cosmmix as Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian Michaelis She has been cosplaying since 2009 and has won awards such as First Place Novice Award from GEEX 2010 with her Cosplay partner Taymeho and First Place Beginner Award at Anime Salt Lake 2012. Over the years I have seen this young artist just take off in the cosplaying world. Cosmmix enjoys creating Cosplays and Cosplay Music Videos (CMV’s.)   Check out her Deviantart and YouTube pages for great videos and art! Cosmmix on Deviantart YouTube for CMV's Follow on Facebook Check out her Tumblr Interview with Cosmmix What got you started in Cosplay? A group of friends from High School were really big fans of the anime “Naruto” and they’d been cosplaying their OCs (original characters) for over a year before introducing me to the idea. I’d not really heard of cosplay up until that point, but once I’d been introduced to it I found myself researching

November Feature: Cassini Closet

The first feature has been scouted out and interviewed! Please wlcome Cassini closet, Mascot Cosplay Extraordinaire. The talented Cassini Closet is this month’s featured cosplayer. She has been cosplaying since 2009 and has won a number of awards for her Mascot Cosplays. In October she was part of a fantastic skit about the Card Captors at Anime Banzai. Cassini showcased her Keroberos Cosplay, above picture, in the skit and captivated the audience and judges. The skit won Best in Show. I chose Cassini as the first feature for this blog because she has never ceased to amaze me. From her Mascot Cosplays to her plushie dolls, this girl is very talented and inspirational. I really look forward to her creations. In the above photo Cassini is working hard on her Bowser cosplay. Here is a list of Cassini's websites where you can find more of her work and tutorials as well. Cassini Closet on Deviantart Instructables Page Facebook Page Youtube Channel    Intervi

Scouting for First Feature

Now that my convention fever has been sated and the festivities are dying down, I am looking for that first cosplayer to feature on the blog. I have a few people in mind that would be fantastic to show off their work. By the end of next week I plan to have this month's Cosplay Feature up and running. I have interview questions ready and I am excited to get this on the move. In other news, I have a had a slight identity crisis. No not a real crisis, just wondering if I should be Vermilion Fire or Viridian Fire. I like green more than red, but I have had Vermilion Fire for years as my cosplay title. What do you think about cosplay names and titles?

Anime Banzai 2012 Aftermath

What a convention! I have been attending Anime Banzai for many years now and this has been my favorite this year so far. The panel heads were very easy to talk to and arrange the panels. They were very accommodating this year and great to work with. As for the panels themselves, they went off very well. The General Prop Making Panel took up the full two hours we had assigned. Stacie Pitt and I ran it for the most part, but Shannon Deonier was able to make it for a good chunk of the time. Shannon had some great information on fun plastics and craft foam armor. I really want to try some those materials out and see what I can make. I took a ton of notes from her and from Stacie as well. Stacie is really talented with sintra and Epoxies molds. I really want sintra now. The cosplay chess game on Friday was by far one of my favorite events, and has been for many years. The choices for the Kings and Queens were perfect for the theme as well. The theme for chess was Kawaii (Cute), with Sai

Convention Preparation

Whys is that cosplayers always tend to run late. Its something to do with procrastination and it is contagious. I am not exempt form of course. I have four fingers in band-aids and my right hand could get carpal tunnel if I am not careful, but these costumes will be done by tomorrow night. Why am I doing all of this? For Anime Banzai 2012: Utah's biggest anime convention and it is this weekend. It was my first anime convention so I am proud to feature it on this site for my first convention review. The review will come next week. For more information on Anime Banzai this is their site link below. Anime Banzai has been running since 2005 and has grown so much over the years. In 2011 they had over 3,000 attendees!! This anime convention has video games, card games, panels with your favorite anime characters, panels on costume making, and panels on Japanese culture. It is a great convention to go meet new faces and mingle with the other amazing geeks


Welcome to Vermilion Fire's Stitch and Seam. This blog is dedicated to cosplay and the cosplayers who make them. VFire has been cosplaying for a few years now and thought it would be fun to start a blog where she can post fun costuming advice, progress on projects, and promote the cosplayers she admires. Check out convention reviews and the latest adventures of VFire here. Thanks for reading!